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Glycosaminoglycans in Wound Healing
James Melrose
Bone and Tissue Regeneration Insights 2016:7 29-50
Review | Published on 12 Dec 2016

Therapeutic Dilemmas Regarding Anticoagulation: An Experience in a Patient with Nephrotic Syndrome, Pulmonary Embolism, and Traumatic Brain Injury
Tetsu Akimoto, Tomoyuki Yamazaki, Eiji Kusano and Daisuke Nagata
Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports 2016:9 103-107
Case report | Published on 03 Nov 2016

Hyperglycemia: A Predictor of Death in Severe Head Injury Patients
Simin Babaie Kafaki, Kamaledin Alaedini, Ashkan Qorbani, Leila Asadian and Kaveh Haddadi
Clinical Medicine Insights: Endocrinology and Diabetes 2016:9 43-46
Original Research | Published on 26 Sep 2016

A Review of Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment Modalities for Long Head of Bicep Tendinopathy
Robert B. Lewis, Bryan A. Reyes and Michael S. Khazzam
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2016:7 9-15
Review | Published on 26 Sep 2016

Plasticity and Recovery After Dorsal Column Spinal Cord Injury in Nonhuman Primates
Jamie L. Reed, Chia-Chi Liao, Hui-Xin Qi and Jon H. Kaas
Journal of Experimental Neuroscience 2016:Suppl. 1 11-21
Review | Published on 18 Aug 2016

Orthopedic Trauma and Recovery of Quality of Life: An Overview of the Literature
Khalid Hamid, Pramin Raut, Bessam Ahmed and William Eardley
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2016:7 1-8
Review | Published on 14 Jul 2016

Cornea As a Model for Testing CTGF-Based Antiscarring Drugs
Sriniwas Sriram, Jennifer A. Tran and James D. Zieske
Bone and Tissue Regeneration Insights 2016:7 7-8
Commentary | Published on 20 Jun 2016

Comparison of Neurocognitive Testing and the Measurement of Marinobufagenin in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Preliminary Report
Joel Oliver, Kamran Abbas, J. Timothy Lightfoot, Kelly Baskin, Blaise Collins, David Wier, Joe P. Bramhall, Jason Huang and Jules B. Puschett
Journal of Experimental Neuroscience 2015:9 67-72
Original Research | Published on 27 Jul 2015

Eye Injuries Among Primary School Children in Enugu, Nigeria: Rural vs Urban
Nonso Ejikeme Okpala, Rich Enujioke Umeh, and Ernest Nnemeka Onwasigwe
Ophthalmology and Eye Diseases 2015:7 13-19
Original Research | Published on 21 Jun 2015

Endogenous Repair Signaling after Brain Injury and Complementary Bioengineering Approaches to Enhance Neural Regeneration
Caroline P. Addington, Adam Roussas, Dipankar Dutta and Sarah E. Stabenfeldt
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 43-60
Review | Published on 12 May 2015

Short-term Fluconazole Therapy for the Treatment of Candiduria in ICU and ICU Step-down Patients
G. Christopher Wood, Katarzyna Adamczyk, Bradley A. Boucher, Martin A. Croce, David A. Kuhl, Carey L. Rhea, Matthew Chambers, Joseph M. Swanson, Amado X. Freire and Timothy C. Fabian
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2015:6 19-23
Original Research | Published on 07 May 2015

Gene Delivery Strategies to Promote Spinal Cord Repair
Christopher M. Walthers and Stephanie K. Seidlits
Biomarker Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 11-29
Review | Published on 09 Apr 2015

Acetabular Fractures in the Elderly
Joshua L. Gary
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2015:6 9-17
Review | Published on 05 Mar 2015

Life Threatening Hemoperitoneum and Liver Injury as a Result of Chest Tube Thoracostomy
Jung-Min Bae
Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports 2015:8 15-17
Case report | Published on 26 Feb 2015 | Highly accessed (previous month)

Future of Bone Repair
Rachana Somaiya and Ginpreet Kaur
Bone and Tissue Regeneration Insights 2015:6 1-7
Review | Published on 12 Feb 2015

The Role of Pelvic Packing for Hemodynamically Unstable Pelvic Ring Injuries
Thomas Lustenberger, Sebastian Wutzler, Philipp Störmann and Ingo Marzi
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2015:6 1-8
Review | Published on 26 Jan 2015

The Management of Pediatric Polytrauma: Review
H. Mevius, M. van Dijk, A. Numanoglu and A.B. van As
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2014:5 27-37
Commentary | Published on 20 Nov 2014

Complex Tibial Fractures: Tips and Tricks for Intramedullary Nail Fixation
Michael Githens and Julius Bishop
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2014:5 19-25
Review | Published on 18 Nov 2014

Role of Damage Control Orthopedics and Early Total Care in the Multiple Injured Trauma Patients
Robert W. Jordan, Gurdip S. Chahal and Matthew H. Davies
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2014:5 15-18
Review | Published on 01 Jul 2014

Do Mesenchymal Stem Cells Have a Role to Play in Cutaneous Wound Healing?
Ippokratis Pountos, Michalis Panteli, Theodora Georgouli and Peter V. Giannoudis
Cell & Tissue Transplantation & Therapy 2014:6 11-17
Review | Published on 14 May 2014

Antibiofilm Efficacy of DispersinB® Wound Spray Used in Combination with a Silver Wound Dressing
Purushottam V. Gawande, Allie P. Clinton, Karen LoVetri, Nandadeva Yakandawala, Kendra P. Rumbaugh and Srinivasa Madhyastha
Microbiology Insights 2014:7 9-13
Original Research | Published on 05 Mar 2014

Safety and Efficacy of Sugammadex for Neuromuscular Blockade Reversal
Steven Lobaz, Mark Clymer and Mario Sammut
Clinical Medicine Insights: Therapeutics 2014:6 1-14
Review | Published on 26 Feb 2014

The Management of Unstable Cervical Spine Injuries
Venu M. Nemani and Han Jo Kim
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2014:5 7-13
Review | Published on 21 Jan 2014

Cervical Spinal Cord Injury at the Victorian Spinal Cord Injury Service: Epidemiology of the Last Decade
Simon C.P. Lau, Nathan G. Myhill, Rekha Ganeshalingam and Gerald M.Y. Quan
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2014:5 1-6
Original Research | Published on 08 Jan 2014

Neurotrauma and Repair Research: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and its Treatments
Hanna Algattas and Jason H. Huang
Biomedical Engineering and Computational Biology 2013:5 51-56
Review | Published on 23 Jun 2013

Pathological Findings in a Case of Failed Uterine Artery Embolization for Placenta Previa
Natsuko Wada, Daisuke Tachibana, Kayoko Nakagawa, Hiroyuki Terada, Akemi Nakano, Toshiyuki Sumi, Masayasu Koyama, Osamu Ishiko and Norifumi Nishida
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2013:4 25-28
Case report | Published on 14 Apr 2013

A Case of Lung Lesions Induced by a Soccer Ball
Masaaki Takemoto, Youichi Yanagawa, Tsubasa Oike, Toshiaki Iba and Hiroshi Tanaka
Clinical Medicine Insights: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2013:4 5-7
Case report | Published on 09 Apr 2013

Bladder Neck Rupture Following Perineal Bull Horn Injury: A Surgical Challenge
Padilla Fernandez B, Diaz Alferez F.J, Garcia Garcia M.A, Herrero Polo M, Velasquez Saldarriaga J.F and Lorenzo Gomez M.F
Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports 2012:5 123-128
Case report | Published on 24 Sep 2012

Paracentesis as Surgical Intervention in Traumatic Hyphaema: Opinions and Practices of Nigerian Ophthalmologists
Okosa Michael Chuka and Onyekwe Lawrence Obizoba
Ophthalmology and Eye Diseases 2012:4 71-78
Original Research | Published on 30 Aug 2012

Low-Grade Inflammation as Trade-Off Causing Chronic Complex Diseases
Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2010:1 3-4
Editorial | Published on 15 Sep 2010

Introductory Editorial (Japanese Clinical Medicine)
Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine, 2010:1,1-2
Editorial | Published on 04 Aug 2010

Radiographic Outcome of Unstable Distal Radial Fracture Treated by Closed Reduction and Pin in Plaster
Ebrahim Ghaiem Hasankhani, Mohamad Taghi Pivandi and Ali Birjandi Nejad
Clinical Medicine: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2009:2 9-15
Original Research | Published on 03 Jun 2009

Emergency Medical Services Support for Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients Receiving Thrombolysis at a Primary Stroke Center
Byron R. Spencer, Omar M. Khan, Bentley J. Bobrow and Bart M. Demaerschalk
Journal of Brain Disease 2009:1 13-17
Published on 04 Mar 2009

Initial Cardiac Rhythm Correlated to Emergency Department Survival
Rade B. Vukmir
Clinical Medicine: Cardiology 2009:3 9-14

Published on 09 Feb 2009

Risk for Repeat Emergency Department Visits for Violent Injuries in Youth Firearm Victims
Hyun Ja Lim, Michael McCart, W. Hobart Davies, Alice Calhoun and Marlene D. Melzer-Lange
Clinical Medicine: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2009:2 1-7
Published on 12 Dec 2008

Interhospital Transfer of Acute Trauma Patients: How Long Does it Take and How is the Time Spent?
Garth H. Utter, Gregory P. Victorino and David H. Wisner
Clinical Medicine: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2008:1 11-19
Published on 24 Sep 2008

The Use of a Temporary Intraluminal Shunt to Restore Lower Limb Perfusion Over a 4,000 Mile Air Evacuation in a Special Operations Military Setting: A Case Report
Lionel R. Brounts, Dean Wickel, Edward D. Arrington, Ronald J. Place and Robert M. Rush
Clinical Medicine: Trauma and Intensive Medicine 2008:1
Published on 11 Sep 2008

Usefulness of B Natriuretic Peptides and Procalcitonin in Emergency Medicine
S. Delerme, C. Chenevier-Gobeaux, B. Doumenc and P. Ray
Biomarker Insights  2008:3 203-217
Published on 27 Mar 2008

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