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Early Benefits of a Starter Formula Enriched in Prebiotics and Probiotics on the Gut Microbiota of Healthy Infants Born to HIV+ Mothers: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Trial
Peter Cooper, Keith D. Bolton, Sithembiso Velaphi, Nanda de Groot, Shahram Emady-Azar , Sophie Pecquet and Philippe Steenhout
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 119-130
Original Research | Published on 08 Jan 2017

A Novel Homozygous Frameshift Mutation in Exon 2 of LEP Gene Associated with Severe Obesity: A Case Report
Ashwaq Shukri Altawil, Horia Ahmad Mawlawi, Khalid Ateeq Alghamdi and Faten Fohaid Almijmaj
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 115-118
Case report | Published on 11 Dec 2016

Pediatric Weight Management Program Outcomes in a Largely Minority, Low Socioeconomic Status Population
Michelle Demeule-Hayes, Matthew W. Winters, Elizabeth A. Getzoff, Bradley A. Schwimmer, Vicky S. Rogers and Ann O. Scheimann
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 109-114
Original Research | Published on 05 Dec 2016

DNA Methylation of Regulatory Regions of Imprinted Genes at Birth and Its Relation to Infant Temperament
Bernard F. Fuemmeler, Chien-Ti Lee, Adelheid Soubry, Edwin S. Iversen, Zhiqing Huang, Amy P. Murtha, Joellen M. Schildkraut, Randy L. Jirtle, Susan K. Murphy and Cathrine Hoyo
Genetics & Epigenetics 2016:8 59-67
Original Research | Published on 28 Nov 2016

Procalcitonin Is a Better Biomarker than C-Reactive Protein in Newborns Undergoing Cardiac Surgery: The PROKINECA Study
Sara Bobillo Pérez, Javier Rodríguez-Fanjul, Iolanda Jordan García, Julio Moreno Hernando and Martín Iriondo Sanz
Biomarker Insights 2016:11 123-129
Original Research | Published on 03 Nov 2016

Influenza Virus-Associated Fatal Acute Necrotizing Encephalopathy: Role of Nonpermissive Viral Infection?
Anek Mungaomklang, Jiraruj Chomcheoy, Supaporn Wacharapluesadee, Yutthana Joyjinda, Akanitt Jittmittraphap, Apaporn Rodpan, Siriporn Ghai, Abhinbhen Saraya and Thiravat Hemachudha
Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports 2016:9 99-102
Case report | Published on 01 Nov 2016

The Influence of Prenatal Exercise on Offspring Health: A Review
Carmen Moyer, Olga Roldan Reoyo and Linda May
Clinical Medicine Insights: Women's Health 2016:9 37-42
Review | Published on 17 Oct 2016

Residual Isocyanates in Medical Devices and Products: A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment
Gillian Franklin, Homero Harari, Samavi Ahsan, Dhimiter Bello, David A. Sterling, Jonathan Nedrelow, Scott Raynaud, Swati Biswas and Youcheng Liu
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 175-190
Original Research | Published on 13 Oct 2016

The Significance of the Enteric Microbiome on the Development of Childhood Disease: A Review of Prebiotic and Probiotic Therapies in Disorders of Childhood
John Slattery, Derrick F. MacFabe and Richard E. Frye
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 91-107
Review | Published on 09 Oct 2016 | Video abstract

A Comparison of Morphine Delivery in Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal
Brian Chisamore, Safaa Labana, Sandra Blitz and Alice Ordean
Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment 2016:Suppl. 1 49-54
Original Research | Published on 26 Sep 2016

Common Eye Diseases in Children in Saudi Arabia (Jazan)
Abdulrahman Darraj, Walid Barakat, Mona Kenani, Reem Shajry, Abdullah Khawaji, Sultan Bakri, Abdulrahman Makin, Azza Mohanna and Abu Obaida Yassin
Ophthalmology and Eye Diseases 2016:8 33-39
Original Research | Published on 20 Sep 2016

Predominant Corticospinal Tract Involvement in a Late Infant with Krabbe Disease
Ayumi Yoshimura, Tetsuya Kibe, Kaori Irahara, Norio Sakai and Kenji Yokochi
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2016:7 23-26
Case report | Published on 18 Sep 2016

The Increasing Prevalence in Intersex Variation from Toxicological Dysregulation in Fetal Reproductive Tissue Differentiation and Development by Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals
Alisa L. Rich, Laura M. Phipps, Sweta Tiwari, Hemanth Rudraraju and Philip O. Dokpesi
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 163-171
Review | Published on 08 Sep 2016

Serum Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin in Infants and Children with Sepsis-Related Conditions with or without Acute Renal Dysfunction
Mohammed Farouk M. Afify, Sheren Esam Maher, Nora Mohamed Ibrahim and Waleed Mahamoud Abd El-Hamied
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 85-89
Original Research | Published on 08 Aug 2016

Interactions Between Internalizing Symptoms and Urgency in the Prediction of Alcohol Use and Expectancies Among Low-Income, Minority Early Adolescents
Naomi R. Marmorstein
Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment 2015:Suppl. 1 59-68
Original Research | Published on 04 Aug 2016

Safety and Efficacy of Gadoxetate Disodium–Enhanced Liver MRI in Pediatric Patients Aged >2 Months to <18 Years—Results of a Retrospective, Multicenter Study
James Geller, Mureo Kasahara, Mercedes Martinez, Annarosa Soresina, Fran Kashanian and Jan Endrikat
Magnetic Resonance Insights 2016:9 21-28
Original Research | Published on 21 Jul 2016

Intrauterine Growth Restriction: Antenatal and Postnatal Aspects
Deepak Sharma, Sweta Shastri and Pradeep Sharma
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 67-83
Review | Published on 14 Jul 2016

One Center's Guide to Outpatient Management of Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Acute Pulmonary Exacerbation
Corinne A. Muirhead, Jillian N. Sanford, Benjamin G. McCullar, Dawn Nolt and Kelvin D. MacDonald
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 57-65
Review | Published on 12 Jul 2016

Fertility Risk Assessment and Preservation in Male and Female Prepubertal and Adolescent Cancer Patients
Nikolaos Zavras, Charalampos Siristatidis, Argyris Siatelis and Anna Koumarianou
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2016:10 49-57
Review | Published on 28 Jun 2016

Identification and Treatment of Pathophysiological Comorbidities of Autism Spectrum Disorder to Achieve Optimal Outcomes
Richard E. Frye and Daniel A. Rossignol
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 43-56
Review | Published on 15 Jun 2016 | Video abstract

The Pivotal Role of Aldehyde Toxicity in Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Therapeutic Potential of Micronutrient Supplementation
Frances Jurnak
Nutrition and Metabolic Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 57-77
Commentary | Published on 14 Jun 2016 | Video abstract

Developing and Testing Twelve-Step Facilitation for Adolescents with Substance Use Disorder: Manual Development and Preliminary Outcomes
John F. Kelly, Julie D. Yeterian, Julie V. Cristello, Yifrah Kaminer, Christopher W. Kahler and Christine Timko
Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment 2016:10 55-64
Original Research | Published on 13 Jun 2016

Universal Pulse Oximetry Screening for Early Detection of Critical Congenital Heart Disease
Praveen Kumar
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 35-41
Review | Published on 01 Jun 2016

A STAT6 Intronic Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism is Associated with Clinical Malaria in Ghanaian Children
Daniel Amoako-Sakyi, Selorme Adukpo, Kwadwo A. Kusi, Daniel Dodoo, Michael F. Ofori, George O. Adjei, Dominic E. Edoh, Richard H. Asmah, Charles Brown, Bright Adu, Dorcas Obiri-Yeboah, Godfred Futagbi, Sharif Buari Abubakari, Marita Troye-Blomberg, Bartholomew D. Akanmori, Bamenla Q. Goka, John Arko-Mensah and Ben A. Gyan
Genetics & Epigenetics 2016:8 7-14
Original Research | Published on 29 May 2016

Perinatal Outcomes of Monochorionic-Diamniotic Twin Pregnancies Uncomplicated at 28 Weeks of Gestation
Shunji Suzuki
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2016:7 15-17
Original Research | Published on 22 May 2016

Methodological Issues in Predicting Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Candidates Through Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
Kevin Bretonnel Cohen, Benjamin Glass, Hansel M. Greiner, Katherine Holland-Bouley, Shannon Standridge, Ravindra Arya, Robert Faist, Diego Morita, Francesco Mangano, Brian Connolly, Tracy Glauser and John Pestian
Biomedical Informatics Insights 2016:8 11-18
Original Research | Published on 22 May 2016

Obstetric, Sociodemographic, and Psychosocial Problems of Postpartum Adolescents of Huambo, Angola
Hamilton dos Prazeres Tavares, Suelma Beatriz Marques Prata Tavares, Daniel Pires Capingana, Silvana Granado Nogueira da Gama and Luiz Guilherme Pessoa da Silva
Clinical Medicine Insights: Women's Health 2016:9 13-19
Original Research | Published on 19 May 2016

Correlation of Apgar Score with Asphyxial Hepatic Injury and Mortality in Newborns: A Prospective Observational Study From India
Deepak Sharma, Mukesh Choudhary, Mamta Lamba and Sweta Shastri
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 27-34
Original Research | Published on 10 May 2016

Pediatric Blood Pressure and Adult Preclinical Markers of Cardiovascular Disease
Costan G. Magnussen and Kylie J. Smith
Clinical Medicine Insights: Blood Disorders 2016:9 1-8
Review | Published on 04 May 2016

Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis: Single-Center Series of 12 Cases from Saudi Arabia
Ghaleb Elyamany, Azzah Alzahrani, Huda Elfaraidi, Omar Alsuhaibani, Nada Othman, Eman Al Mussaed and Fahad Alabbas
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 21-26
Original Research | Published on 05 Apr 2016

Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration in Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Saif Ahmad, Kanchan Bhatia, Annapoorna Kannan and Laxman Gangwani
Journal of Experimental Neuroscience 2016:10 39-49
Review | Published on 23 Mar 2016

Early Programming by Protein Intake: The Effect of Protein on Adiposity Development and the Growth and Functionality of Vital Organs
Veronica Luque, Ricardo Closa-Monasterolo, Joaquín Escribano and Natalia Ferré
Nutrition and Metabolic Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 49-56
Review | Published on 20 Mar 2016

Dental Perspective of Rare Disease of Fanconi Anemia: Case Report with Review
Mridula Goswami, Urvashi Bhushan and Manoj Goswami
Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports 2016:9 25-30
Case report | Published on 17 Mar 2016

Effect of Infant Formula Containing a Low Dose of the Probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-3446 on Immune and Gut Functions in C-Section Delivered Babies: A Pilot Study
L. Baglatzi, S. Gavrili, K. Stamouli, S. Zachaki, L. Favre, S. Pecquet, J. Benyacoub and C. Costalos
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 11-19
Original Research | Published on 13 Mar 2016

Soil-Transmitted Helminths, Poverty, and Malnutrition in Honduran Children Living in Remote Rural Communities
Ana Lourdes Sanchez, José Antonio Gabrie, Maritza Canales, María Mercedes Rueda, Gustavo A. Fontecha, Patrick W. Mason, Gonzalo Bearman and Michael P. Stevens
Human Parasitic Diseases 2016:8 27-35
Original Research | Published on 10 Mar 2016

Practical Nutrition Management of Children with Chronic Kidney Disease
Lieuko Nguyen, Rayna Levitt and Robert H. Mak
Clinical Medicine Insights: Urology 2016:9 1-6
Review | Published on 21 Feb 2016

Assessment of Growth of Infants Fed an Amino Acid-Based Formula
Mark Corkins, Laura A. Czerkies, Heidi M. Storm, Shumei Sun and José M. Saavedra
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2016:10 3-9
Original Research | Published on 04 Feb 2016

Vitamin D and the Promotion of Long-Term Metabolic Health from a Programming Perspective
Saranya Palaniswamy, Dylan Williams, Marjo-Riitta Järvelin and Sylvain Sebert
Nutrition and Metabolic Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 11-21
Review | Published on 01 Feb 2016

Reciprocal Effects of Internalizing and Oppositional Defiance Symptoms on Heavy Drinking and Alcohol-Related Harms in Young Adulthood
Kara D. Thompson, Bonnie J. Leadbeater and Megan E. Ames
Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment 2015:Suppl. 1 21-31
Original Research | Published on 21 Jan 2016

Keeping Mind in Mind: Mentalizing and Executive Functioning in Substance-Abusing Infant Mothers: Effect on Dyadic Relationship and Infant Outcome
Ulrika Håkansson, Astrid Halsa, Kerstin Söderström, Finn Skårderud and Merete Glenne Øie
Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment 2015:Suppl. 2 93-98
Published on 19 Jan 2016

A Case Report: A Third/Fourth Branchial Pouch Anomaly Presented by Solid Thyroid and Lateral Cervical Neck Masses
Magda H. A. Nasreldin, Eman A. Ibrahim and Somaia A. Saad El-Din
Clinical Medicine Insights: Pathology 2016:9 1-3
Case report | Published on 18 Jan 2016

Urinary Vitamin D-Binding Protein as a Biomarker of Steroid-Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome
Michael R. Bennett, Angad Pordal, Christopher Haffner, LaTawnya Pleasant, Qing Ma and Prasad Devarajan
Biomarker Insights 2016:11 1-6
Original Research | Published on 13 Jan 2016

Parental Support, Mental Health, and Alcohol and Marijuana Use in National and High-Risk African-American Adolescent Samples
Julie Maslowsky, John Schulenberg, Lisa M. Chiodo, John H. Hannigan, Mark K. Greenwald, James Janisse, Robert J. Sokol and Virginia Delaney-Black
Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment 2015:Suppl. 1 11-20
Original Research | Published on 11 Jan 2016

The Pediatric Home Care/Expenditure Classification Model (P/ECM): A Home Care Case-Mix Model for Children Facing Special Health Care Challenges
Charles D. Phillips
Health Services Insights 2015:8 35-43
Original Research | Published on 28 Dec 2015

Cryptorchidism and Fertility
Fatma Fawzy, Amr Hussein, Mostafa Mahmoud Eid, Ahmed Mahmoud El Kashash and Hosni Khairy Salem
Clinical Medicine Insights: Reproductive Health 2015:9 39-43
Review | Published on 22 Dec 2015

The Influence of Early Infant-Feeding Practices on the Intestinal Microbiome and Body Composition in Infants
Aifric O’Sullivan, Marie Farver and Jennifer T. Smilowitz
Nutrition and Metabolic Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 1-9
Commentary | Published on 16 Dec 2015

A Cohort Study on Long-Term Adverse Effects of Parental Drinking: Background and Study Design
Ingunn Olea Lund, Anne Bukten, Elisabet E. Storvoll, Inger Synnøve Moan, Svetlana Skurtveit, Marte Handal, Trond Nordfjærn, Geir Scott Brunborg and Ingeborg Rossow
Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment 2015:Suppl. 2 77-83
Published on 15 Dec 2015

Single-Nucleotide Mutations in FMR1 Reveal Novel Functions and Regulatory Mechanisms of the Fragile X Syndrome Protein FMRP
Joshua A. Suhl and Stephen T. Warren
Journal of Experimental Neuroscience 2015:Suppl. 2 35-41
Review | Published on 08 Dec 2015

Establishment of the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority Resource Center for Children with Prenatal Alcohol/Drug Exposure
Gro C. C. Løhaugen, Marianne Møretrø Flak, Thorsten Gerstner, Cato Sundberg, Bjørn Lerdal and Jon Skranes
Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment 2015:Suppl. 2 67-75
Methodology | Published on 06 Dec 2015

Methodological Issues in Assessing the Impact of Prenatal Drug Exposure
Carolien Konijnenberg
Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment 2015:Suppl. 2 39-44
Review | Published on 08 Nov 2015

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