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Patterns of Pesticide Use and Associated Factors Among the Commercial Farmers of Chitwan, Nepal
Gayatri Khanal and Amarjeet Singh
Environmental Health Insights 2016:Suppl. 1 1-7
Original Research | Published on 11 Dec 2016

Quantifying the Seafood Consumption Patterns of Recreational Anglers in Charleston and Berkeley Counties, South Carolina
Matthew T. Perkinson, Trevor D. Faith, Grace M. Vahey, John E. Vena and Edith M. Williams
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 201-210
Original Research | Published on 16 Nov 2016

QUIC Transport and Dispersion Modeling of Vehicle Emissions in Cities for Better Public Health Assessments
Michael J. Brown, Michael D. Williams, Matthew A. Nelson and Kenneth A. Werley
Environmental Health Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 55-65
Original Research | Published on 14 Nov 2016

Pesticide Poisoning Among Commercial Vegetable Farmers of Chitwan, Nepal
Khanal Gayatri, Singh Amarjeet and Dhungana Govinda
Primary Prevention Insights 2016:6 19-25
Original Research | Published on 27 Oct 2016

Chronic Ethanol Exposure Effects on Vitamin D Levels Among Subjects with Alcohol Use Disorder
Olalekan Ogunsakin, Tete Hottor, Ashish Mehta, Maureen Lichtveld and Michael McCaskill
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 191-199
Original Research | Published on 20 Oct 2016

Residual Isocyanates in Medical Devices and Products: A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment
Gillian Franklin, Homero Harari, Samavi Ahsan, Dhimiter Bello, David A. Sterling, Jonathan Nedrelow, Scott Raynaud, Swati Biswas and Youcheng Liu
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 175-190
Original Research | Published on 13 Oct 2016

Modeling Pesticide Runoff from Small Watersheds Through Field-Scale Management Practices: Minnesota Watershed Case Study with Chlorpyrifos
Rohith K. Gali, Steven A. Cryer, Nicholas N. Poletika and Praveen K. Dande
Air, Soil and Water Research 2016:9 113-122
Original Research | Published on 11 Oct 2016

A First-Order Assessment of Direct Aerosol Radiative Effect in the Southeastern U.S. Using Over a Decade Long Multisatellite Data Record
Erica J. Alston and Irina N. Sokolik
Air, Soil and Water Research 2016:9 97-112
Original Research | Published on 03 Oct 2016

Toward Developing a Climatology of Fire Emissions in Central Asia
Yun Hee Park and Irina N. Sokolik
Air, Soil and Water Research 2016:9 87-96
Original Research | Published on 27 Sep 2016

Insights into Zika Virus History, Human Health Effects, and Control Measures
Tim Kelley and Stephanie Richards
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 173-174
Editorial | Published on 18 Sep 2016

Development of Hollow-Fiber Liquid-Phase Microextraction Method for Determination of Urinary trans,trans-Muconic Acid as a Biomarker of Benzene Exposure
Farhad Ghamari, Abdulrahman Bahrami, Yadollah Yamini, Farshid Ghorbani Shahna and Abbas Moghimbeigi
Analytical Chemistry Insights 2016:11 65-71
Original Research | Published on 11 Sep 2016

The Increasing Prevalence in Intersex Variation from Toxicological Dysregulation in Fetal Reproductive Tissue Differentiation and Development by Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals
Alisa L. Rich, Laura M. Phipps, Sweta Tiwari, Hemanth Rudraraju and Philip O. Dokpesi
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 163-171
Review | Published on 08 Sep 2016

Air Pollution and Emergency Department Visits for Depression: A Multicity Case-Crossover Study
Mieczyslaw Szyszkowicz, Termeh Kousha, Mila Kingsbury and Ian Colman
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 155-161
Original Research | Published on 30 Aug 2016

Characterization of Beauty Salon Wastewater from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, and Its Surrounding Communities
Marian A. Nkansah, Francis Opoku, James H. Ephraim, David D. Wemegah and Luke P.M. Tetteh
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 147-154
Original Research | Published on 29 Aug 2016

The Cold Dusty Harmattan: A Season of Anguish for Cardiologists and Patients
Basil N. Okeahialam
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 143-146
Commentary | Published on 29 Aug 2016

Laboratory Spectroscopy Assessments of Rainfed Paddy Soil Samples on Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Reflectance for Estimating Soil Organic Carbon
Sakda Homhuan, Wanwisa Pansak, Siam Lawawirojwong and Chada Narongrit
Air, Soil and Water Research 2016:9 77-85
Original Research | Published on 17 Aug 2016

Role of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor in Circadian Clock Disruption and Metabolic Dysfunction
Cassie Jaeger and Shelley A. Tischkau
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 133-141
Review | Published on 17 Aug 2016

A Qualitative Evidence of the Breeding Sites of Anopheles arabiensis Patton (Diptera: Culicidae) in and Around Kassala Town, Eastern Sudan
Asma Mahmoud Hamza and El Amin El Rayah
International Journal of Insect Science 2016:8 65-70
Rapid Communication | Published on 11 Aug 2016

Environmental Health and Safety Hazards of Indigenous Small-Scale Gold Mining Using Cyanidation in the Philippines
Ana Marie R. Leung and Jinky Leilanie DP. Lu
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 125-131
Original Research | Published on 08 Aug 2016

Potential for Extrinsic Incubation Temperature to Alter Interplay Between Transmission Potential and Mortality of Dengue-Infected Aedes aegypti
Rebecca C. Christofferson and Christopher N. Mores
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 119-123
Short Report | Published on 25 Jul 2016

Role of Escherichia coli in Biofuel Production
Veerendra Koppolu and Veneela KR Vasigala
Microbiology Insights 2016:9 29-35
Review | Published on 14 Jul 2016

A Performance Management Initiative for Local Health Department Vector Control Programs
Justin Gerding, Micaela Kirshy, John W. Moran, Ron Bialek, Vanessa Lamers and John Sarisky
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 113-118
Perspective | Published on 11 Jul 2016 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Differential Induction of Flavonoids in Groundnut in Response to Helicoverpa armigera and Aphis craccivora Infestation
Abdul Rashid War, Suraj Prasad Sharma and Hari Chand Sharma
International Journal of Insect Science 2016:8 55-64
Original Research | Published on 04 Jul 2016

DNA Damage among Wood Workers Assessed with the Comet Assay
Evin Danisman Bruschweiler, Pascal Wild, Cong Khanh Huynh, Dessislava Savova-Bianchi, Brigitta Danuser and Nancy B. Hopf
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 105-112
Original Research | Published on 28 Jun 2016

Effect of Trapping Methods, Weather, and Landscape on Estimates of the Culex Vector Mosquito Abundance
Surendra Karki, Gabriel L. Hamer, Tavis K. Anderson, Tony L. Goldberg, Uriel D. Kitron, Bethany L. Krebs, Edward D. Walker and Marilyn O. Ruiz
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 93-103
Original Research | Published on 22 Jun 2016

Freshwater Metaviromics and Bacteriophages: A Current Assessment of the State of the Art in Relation to Bioinformatic Challenges
Katherine Bruder, Kema Malki, Alexandria Cooper, Emily Sible, Jason W. Shapiro, Siobhan C. Watkins and Catherine Putonti
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:Suppl. 1 25-33
Review | Published on 20 Jun 2016

Bioprospecting Kitchen Refuse as a Suitable Substrate for Biogasification
Vijay K. Malesu, Snehasish Mishra, Sanjay K. Ojha, Kalyani Naik, Puneet K. Singh and Biswajit Nayak
Air, Soil and Water Research 2016:9 63-67
Original Research | Published on 20 Jun 2016

Assessment of Occupational Noise Exposure among Groundskeepers in North Carolina Public Universities
Jo Anne G. Balanay, Gregory D. Kearney and Adam J. Mannarino
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 83-92
Original Research | Published on 13 Jun 2016

Distribution Characteristics of Eggs and Neonate Larvae of Codling Moth, Cydia pomonella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)
Christopher H. Wearing
International Journal of Insect Science 2016:8 33-53
Commentary | Published on 09 Jun 2016

Elevated Atmospheric Levels of Benzene and Benzene-Related Compounds from Unconventional Shale Extraction and Processing: Human Health Concern for Residential Communities
Alisa L. Rich and Helen T. Orimoloye
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 75-82
Original Research | Published on 15 May 2016

Metagenomics, Metatranscriptomics, and Metabolomics Approaches for Microbiome Analysis
Vanessa Aguiar-Pulido, Wenrui Huang, Victoria Suarez-Ulloa, Trevor Cickovski, Kalai Mathee and Giri Narasimhan
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:Suppl. 1 5-16
Review | Published on 12 May 2016

Introductory Editorial: Ecosystem Services and Environmental Health
Porchè L. Spence, Minnjuan Flournoy Floyd, Joniqua Howard, Candice Simmons, Melanie Harrison Okoro
Environmental Health Insights 2015:Suppl. 2 35-38
Editorial | Published on 25 Apr 2016

Relating Anaerobic Digestion Microbial Community and Process Function
Kaushik Venkiteshwaran, Benjamin Bocher, James Maki and Daniel Zitomer
Microbiology Insights 2015:Suppl. 2 37-44
Review | Published on 20 Apr 2016

Floodplain Zoning Simulation by Using HEC-RAS and CCHE2D Models in the Sungai Maka River
Ahmad ShahiriParsa, Mohammad Noori, Mohammad Heydari and Mahmood Rashidi
Air, Soil and Water Research 2016:9 55-62
Original Research | Published on 19 Apr 2016

Distribution of Acanthamoeba Genotypes Isolated from Recreational and Therapeutic Geothermal Water Sources in Southwestern Iran
Maryam Niyyati, Reza Saberi, Alireza Latifi and Zohreh Lasjerdi
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 69-74
Original Research | Published on 19 Apr 2016

Introductory Editorial: Water Microbiology
Patrick McNamara, Mark Krzmarzick
Microbiology Insights 2015:Suppl. 2 33-35
Editorial | Published on 18 Apr 2016

Changes in Water-Extractable Organic Carbon with Cover Crop Planting under Continuous Corn Silage Production
Brian D. Grebliunas, Shalamar D. Armstrong and William L. Perry
Air, Soil and Water Research 2016:9 45-54
Original Research | Published on 17 Apr 2016

Variable Efficacy of Extended-release Mosquito Larvicides Observed in Catch Basins in the Northeast Chicago Metropolitan Area
Justin E. Harbison, Peter C. Corcoran, Amy Runde, Marlon Henry, Christopher Xamplas and Roger S. Nasci
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 65-68
Short Report | Published on 13 Apr 2016

Anthropogenically Induced Shifts in N:P:Si Stoichiometry and Implications in Ganga River
Jitendra Pandey, Shraddha Tripathi and Usha Pandey
Air, Soil and Water Research 2016:9 35-43
Original Research | Published on 03 Apr 2016

A Study of Failure Events in Drinking Water Systems As a Basis for Comparison and Evaluation of the Efficacy of Potable Reuse Schemes
Laura A. Onyango, Chloe Quinn, Keng H. Tng, James G. Wood and Greg Leslie
Environmental Health Insights 2015:Suppl. 3 11-18
Original Research | Published on 31 Mar 2016

Daily Fluoride Intake from Iranian Green Tea: Evaluation of Various Flavorings on Fluoride Release
Afshin Maleki, Hiua Daraei, Elham Mohammadi, Shiva Zandi, Pari Teymouri, Amir Hossien Mahvi and Fardin Gharibi
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 59-63
Original Research | Published on 28 Mar 2016

Carbon Disulfide (CS2) Interference in Glucose Metabolism from Unconventional Oil and Gas Extraction and Processing Emissions
Alisa L. Rich, Jay T. Patel and Samiah S. Al-Angari
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 51-57
Original Research | Published on 28 Mar 2016

Kissing Bug (Triatoma spp.) Intrusion into Homes: Troublesome Bites and Domiciliation
Stephen A. Klotz, F. Mazda Shirazi, Keith Boesen, Norman L. Beatty, Patricia L. Dorn, Shannon Smith and Justin O. Schmidt
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 45-49
Review | Published on 23 Mar 2016

Composition, Diversity, and Tree Structure of a Tropical Moist Forest in Gamboa, Colon, Panama
José U. Jiménez, José Fábrega, Dafni Mora, Nathalia Tejedor and Marilyn Sánchez
Air, Soil and Water Research 2016:9 29-34
Original Research | Published on 22 Mar 2016

Introductory Editorial: Ambient Air Quality (B)
Eduardo Olaguer
Environmental Health Insights 2015:Suppl. 4 25-26
Editorial | Published on 17 Mar 2016

Soil-Transmitted Helminths, Poverty, and Malnutrition in Honduran Children Living in Remote Rural Communities
Ana Lourdes Sanchez, José Antonio Gabrie, Maritza Canales, María Mercedes Rueda, Gustavo A. Fontecha, Patrick W. Mason, Gonzalo Bearman and Michael P. Stevens
Human Parasitic Diseases 2016:8 27-35
Original Research | Published on 10 Mar 2016

Effects of Environmental Pollutants on Cellular Iron Homeostasis and Ultimate Links to Human Disease
Dina M. Schreinemachers and Andrew J. Ghio
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 35-43
Commentary | Published on 07 Mar 2016

Genetic Variations in Bionomics of Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) Mosquito Population in Minna, North Central Nigeria
Azubuike C. Ukubuiwe, Israel K. Olayemi and Aisha I. Jibrin
International Journal of Insect Science 2016:8 9-15
Original Research | Published on 03 Mar 2016

From the Field to the Laboratory: Air Pollutant-Induced Genomic Effects in Lung Cells
William Vizuete, Kenneth G. Sexton, Hang Nguyen, Lisa Smeester, Kjersti Marie Aagaard, Cynthia Shope, Barry Lefer, James H. Flynn, Sergio Alvarez, Mathew H. Erickson and Rebecca C. Fry
Environmental Health Insights 2015:Suppl. 4 15-23
Original Research | Published on 18 Feb 2016

Maximum Temperatures and Heat Waves in Mexicali, Mexico: Trends and Threshold Analysis
Polioptro F. Martínez Austria and Erick R. Bandala
Air, Soil and Water Research 2016:9 21-28
Original Research | Published on 04 Feb 2016

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