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The Editor in Chief welcomes new manuscripts for peer review.  Prior to submission authors should review the information contained on the journal’s About webpage, which contains important information on the journal’s aims and scope and accepted manuscript types.  Authors should also verify that manuscripts meet the basic manuscript presentation requirements.  Authors may find the sample manuscript and downloadable manuscript template helpful. 

Manuscripts submitted to the journal are subject to blind peer review by a minimum of three to four suitably qualified reviewers.  Peer reviewers are drawn from the journal’s editorial board, its volunteer peer reviewer pool, and occasionally from Pubmed.  All editorial decisions are the responsibility of Editor in Chief or a Deputy Editor in Chief or Associate Editor, where appointed by the Editor in Chief. 

Throughout the editorial and production processes the publisher proactively monitors each stage to prevent delays to authors.  Authors are regularly informed of changes in their paper’s status.  Editorial contributors, journal staff, and external contractors who contribute to editorial and production processes are qualified, experienced professionals chosen for their ability to efficiently contribute towards high-quality published papers.  

Authors should be aware that this is not an open access journal.  Authors will be asked to assign copyright in their article to the publisher, and will not be permitted to distribute or archive the published version of the paper without the publisher’s consent for a period of twelve months after the date of publication.  This does not affect authors' right to deposit the accepted version of the manuscript in a pre-print archive.  To avoid possible misunderstandings authors are asked to confirm their awareness of this following manuscript submission. 

Benefits of Publishing 

The journal offers significant benefits to authors including:

  • Articles gain substantial visibility through an expanding selection of databases and indexes.  Authors retain copyright in articles, which may be freely shared, reproduced, and archived.

  • Efficiency of processes results in fast publication without compromises in the quality of published papers.

  • Editorial and production processes are designed and managed to provide high-quality results. The peer review process is rigorous and constructive.

  • Authors rate highly the quality of their interactions with the editorial contributors and journal staff.

  • Manuscript preparation and submission requirements are simple to comply with to prevent delays.

Further Information

  • Efficient Processing: 4 Weeks Average to First Editorial Decision
  • Fair & Independent Expert Peer Review
  • High Visibility & Extensive Database Coverage
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