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Welcome to SAGE Publishing's Journal Author Gateway. We are committed to supporting our authors and editors in ensuring that their work reaches the widest possible audience and achieves the maximum possible impact. Use this page to learn more about our standard and optional services for authors here.

Authors should also refer to each journal's homepage for further information on services provided. A list of all SAGE Insights journals is provided here. Optionally, if you are not sure of the best journal for your paper, consider using our complimentary Ask an Editor in Chief service.

Standard Services for Authors

Simple Author Instructions and Manuscript Submission System

Manuscript preparation and submission is configured to be simple and efficient to help authors avoid unnecessary delays. Details on manuscript preparation and submission.

Rigorous, Expert Peer Review

An average of four peer reviewers is used per manuscript. Reviewers are drawn from the relevant journal's Editorial Board, volunteer peer reviewer pool, and where necessary, from PubMed, on the basis of their ability to provide timely, high-quality peer reviewer reports. Peer reviewer guidelines are intended to create rigorous reports that aid authors in making constructive improvements to papers.

Time from Submission to First Decision Is an Average of Four Weeks

The peer review process and first editorial decision by the journal's editorial decision maker -- the Editor in Chief, Deputy Editor in Chief, or Associate Editor -- takes place within an average of four weeks following the commencement of peer review. Please note that this is an average and may vary owing to seasonal factors or difficulty in identifying suitable reviewers. Where delays occur journal staff members will inform authors.

Leading Editorial Decision-Makers and Editorial Contributors

Editors in Chief, Deputy Editors in Chief, Associate Editors, and Editorial Board Members are leading international scholars.

Professional Journal Staff

We receive consistently positive feedback from authors on their experiences working with journal staff. We also work with some of the world's leading international publishing contractors to enable us to provide leading levels of service to authors. Author Survey results.

Processing Status Notification

Obtain updates on the status of your submission through My Author Portal at any time. Authors are also notified by email about status changes.

Rapid Publication in Four To Six Weeks after Commencement of Production

Production includes copyediting, typesetting, and quality control by the journal staff. Proofs will be made available to the corresponding author on behalf of all authors. Please note that four to six weeks is an average and may vary. To avoid delays, authors should respond promptly to proofing and other requests.

Paper Announcement through Scholarly Databases, Social Media, and Opted-In Journal Newsletters

All articles published are announced through the journal's opted-in email alerts newsletter as well as our weekly and monthly new articles newsletters. Each journal's mailing list includes 1000-3000 subscribers. Papers are also announced through popular social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Journals are included in a variety of scholarly databases and indexes including PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science. Coverage varies and key databases are listed on each journal's homepage. Through our partnership with TrendMD, all articles are promoted on other scholarly websites to attract additional readers.

Article Usage Metrics

Usage metrics are provided for each article within 72 hours of publication and are updated monthly. Metrics include downloads or views of the article through the journal's website, and if applicable, PubMed Central. Data is displayed with an interactive monthly bar graph. ‘Views by downloads by geographical location' are shown in a world map. Journal level analytics provided by SCImago are also available for selected journals. These services are in beta and will be expanded in the future.

Permanent Archiving

Contributing to multiple archiving consortia insures permanent article availability. Published articles are archived by the CLOCKSS and LOCKSS consortia, and articles published in journals appearing in PubMed are also archived by PubMed Central. More information on archiving.

Optional Services for Authors

Pre-Submission Paper-Matching and Editor In Chief Consultation

This free service provides assistance for authors who are uncertain whether their paper is suitable for submission to a journal or have other questions for the journal's editor in chief. Questions are directed to the applicable editor in chief and the response returned promptly. Ask Editor in Chief.

Pre-Peer Review Language Polishing and Paper Formatting Service

This for-fee service is provided by professional English proof readers and helps authors to ensure papers are in optimal condition for peer review. It is particularly recommended for authors whose first language is not English. Details on language polishing and paper formatting.

English Proofreading

Similar to our language polishing and paper formatting service, our for-fee proof reading service is available to authors where peer review reports have recommended English proof reading as a condition of acceptance for publication. Please note that use of our proof reading service is optional and authors may use an alternative professional English proof reading service if they wish. Using this service does not guarantee that your paper will be accepted. Details on English proof reading service.

Video Abstracts

Video abstracts are a useful way to communicate the key points of a published paper outside of the formal restrictions imposed by conventional scholarly communication. Video abstracts are subject to editorial review by the applicable journal's editorial decision-maker and may be associated with a fee depending on the journal. More information.

Article Reprints

We offer high quality professionally printed and bound black & white reprints at discounted prices for authors. Authors will be notified of the discounted prices during the article production process.

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If you have any queries regarding our standard or optional services for authors, please contact us here.


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