Data Sharing

Authors publishing in SAGE Insights journals must agree to make freely available to other academic researchers any of the cells, clones of cells, DNA, antibodies, or other material used in the research reported and not available from commercial suppliers.

Nucleotide Sequences

Use DNA Databank of Japan, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, or GenBank.

Protein Sequences

Use SwissProt or Protein Information Resource.

Accession Numbers

Please ensure that accession numbers of any nucleic acid sequences, protein sequences or atomic coordinates cited in the manuscript are provided in square brackets with the corresponding database name.

Generally it is possible to provide direct links to data hosted on these databases: EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database, DNA Data Bank of Japan, GenBank at the NCBI, Protein Data Bank, Protein Information Resource and the SwissProt Protein Database.

Mass Spectrometry

Data should be supplied in the mzML format, information on which is available here.

Data should be deposited in the ProteomeExchange through the PRIDE website.

Protein, Nucleic Acid and Crystal Structures

Protein structures should be deposited with one of the members listed here.  Nucleic acid structures can be deposited here.  Crystal structures of organic compounds can be deposited here.

Chemical Structures and Assays

Structures can be deposited here and here.  Bioactivity screens can be deposited here.

Functional Genomics Data

This includes microarrays, RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data. Where appropriate the standards proposed here, should be adhered to and microarray data should be formatted appropriately and deposited here or here.

Computational Modeling

Biochemical reaction networks should be modelled using Systems Biology Markup Language and the model deposited here, as well as being submitted as a supplementary file to the article.


Authors are encouraged to deposit copies of plasmids as DNA or bacterial stocks with Addgene or PlasmID.

NIH Public Access Policy Compliance

Authors receiving NIH funding must deposit their paper at PubMed using NIH's manuscript submission (NIHMS) service. Please note that authors are solely responsible for depositing their paper into PubMed if they have published in a non-indexed journal. Click here for more information on how to deposit your paper in PubMed. 

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