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Are Smoking Habits Changing Among Spanish Health Professionals? Results from the SUN Cohort 1999–2008
M. Ruiz-Canela, M.A. Martínez-González, C. López-del Burgo, J. de Irala, J.J. Beunza and M. Bes-Rastrollo
Tobacco Use Insights 2009:2 17-24
Original Research | Published on 22 Dec 2009

Fospropofol Disodium Injection: A Review of its Use as a Sedative-hypnotic Agent for Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC) Sedation in Adult Patients Undergoing Diagnostic or Therapeutic Procedures
Eric A. Harris, David A. Lubarsky and Keith A. Candiotti
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1667-1675
Review | Published on 16 Dec 2009

A Review of the Impact of Lapatinib on Health-Related Quality of Life in the Management of Advanced Solid Tumors
Julie Price and Quincy Siu-Chung Chu
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1653-1660
Review | Published on 30 Nov 2009

Common Variable Immunodeficiency Associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Type I Diabetes
Branka Filipović, Zorica Šporčić, Tomislav Randjelović and Goran Nikolić
Clinical Medicine: Case Reports 2009:2 67-71

Case Report | Published on 27 Nov 2009

Calcitriol in the Management of Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis
Rosita Saraceno, Sara Faleri and Sergio Chimenti
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1629-1639
Review | Published on 25 Nov 2009

Safety and Efficacy of Ivabradine in the Management of Stable Angina Pectoris
Jean-Claude Tardif
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 571-581
Review | Published on 24 Nov 2009

Dexlansoprazole MR in the Management of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Keith M. Olsen and Margaret L. Hitzeman
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1641-1652
Review | Published on 24 Nov 2009

Pharmacotherapy Update on the Treatment of Overactive Bladder Syndrome: Focus on Fesoterodine
Pamela Ellsworth
Clinical Medicine Reviews in Therapeutics 2009:1
Review | Published on 24 Nov 2009

Pharmacotherapy of Fibromyalgia: Focus on Duloxetine
Eric Serra and Michel Andrejak
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1617-1627
Review | Published on 17 Nov 2009

Bevacizumab: Review of Development, Pharmacology, and Application to Brain Tumors
Herbert B. Newton
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1577-1597
Review | Published on 10 Nov 2009

Safety and Efficacy of Cefazolin Sodium in the Management of Bacterial Infection and in Surgical Prophylaxis
Tetsuro Kusaba
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1607-1615
Review | Published on 10 Nov 2009

Proteasome Inhibition: Thinking Outside the Box
Michael B. Armstrong
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1599-1606
Concise Review | Published on 09 Nov 2009

A Review of Topical Imiquimod in the Management of Basal Cell Carcinoma, Actinic Keratoses, and Other Skin Lesions
Jubin Ryu and F. Clarissa Yang
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1557-1575
Review | Published on 03 Nov 2009

Pharmacotherapy of Micafungin: Clinical Review
James Riddell IV and Carol A. Kauffman
Clinical Medicine Reviews in Therapeutics 2009:1
Review | Published on 30 Oct 2009

Pharmacotherapy of Major Depressive Disorder: Focus  on Duloxetine
Katsumasa Muneoka
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1541-1556
Review | Published on 28 Oct 2009

A Case of Fahr’s Disease Presenting as Chorea Successfully Treated by the Use of Quetiapine
Syoichiro Kono, Yasuhiro Manabe, Tomotaka Tanaka, Daiki Fujii, Yasuko Sakai, Hisashi Narai, Nobuhiko Omori and Koji Abe
Clinical Medicine: Case Reports 2009:2 63-65
Case Report | Published on 22 Oct 2009

Time Course Analysis of Aminoglycoside-Induced Elevation of Serum Creatinine
Waleed M. Sweileh
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1531-1540
Original Research | Published on 22 Oct 2009

Fixed-dose Combination Therapy in Hypertension: Focus on Fixed-dose Combination of Amlodipine and Valsartan (Exforge®)
Shakil Aslam
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1521-1529
Review | Published on 19 Oct 2009

Malfunction in GABA and Glutamate as Pathways to Depression: A Review of the Evidence
Christopher F Sharpley
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1511-1519
Review | Published on 15 Oct 2009

Pitavastatin in the Management of Hypercholesterolemia
Shosaku Nomura
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1477-1488
Review | Published on 13 Oct 2009

A Review on the Use of Eltrombopag in Patients with Advanced Liver Disease
Edoardo G. Giannini, Alfredo Greco and Vincenzo Savarino
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1489-1496
Review | Published on 13 Oct 2009

Pharmacotherapy of HIV-1 Infection: Focus on CCR5 Antagonist Maraviroc
Olga Latinovic, Janaki Kuruppu, Charles Davis, Nhut Le and Alonso Heredia
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1497-1510
Review | Published on 13 Oct 2009

Treatment of Anemia Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease with Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol-Epoetin Beta
Tejas Patel and Ajay K. Singh
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1457-1463
Review | Published on 09 Oct 2009

Cinacalcet HCl Treatment in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3–4
Yoshihiro Tominaga
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1465-1466
Concise Review | Published on 09 Oct 2009

Eculizumab in the Treatment of Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
Anita Hill
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1467-1476
Review | Published on 09 Oct 2009

Pamidronate and Zoledronic Acid in the Treatment of Paget’s Disease of Bone
Matteo Colina, Giovanni Ciancio and Francesco Trotta
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1451-1456
Concise Review | Published on 08 Oct 2009

Ciclesonide in the Management of Asthma
Daniel Gonzalez and Hartmut Derendorf
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1437-1449
Review | Published on 08 Oct 2009

A Review of Multimatrix System (MMX) Mesalazine in the Management of Ulcerative Colitis
A Barney Hawthorne
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1423-1436
Review | Published on 06 Oct 2009

Ibandronate in the Management of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
Jean-Yves Reginster, Mickaël Hiligsmann, Véronique Rabenda, Brigitte Zegels, Audrey Neuprez and Olivier Bruyere
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1409-1421
Review | Published on 06 Oct 2009

Pictorial Health Warnings on Cigarette Packs: A Population Based Study Findings from India
Lalit J. Raute, Mangesh S. Pednekar and Prakash C. Gupta
Tobacco Use Insights 2009:2 11-16
Original Research | Published on 06 Oct 2009

Prophylaxis of Invasive Fungal Infections: A Review of the Use of Posaconazole
Curtis D. Collins, Jeannina A. Smith and Daniel R. Kaul
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1399-1408
Review | Published on 02 Oct 2009

Dysfunction of Corticomotoneurons in Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)?
Steve Vucic
Clinical Medicine: Case Reports 2009:2 59-61
Short Commentary | Published on 01 Oct 2009

Metformin: A Review of its Use in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
N. Papanas and E. Maltezos
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1367-1381
Review | Published on 25 Sep 2009

Infliximab: A Review of its Use in the Treatment of Crohn’s Disease
Jeffrey W. Molloy, Joel Z. Stengel and Hays L. Arnold
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1351-1365
Review | Published on 25 Sep 2009

Current Rational to Prescribe Tigecycline: Critical Analysis of the Evidence and Usage Algorithms by an Argentinean Experts Panel
Daniel Curcio, Laura I. Barcelona, Wanda Cornistein, Carlos Bantar, Laura Barcan, Pablo Bonvehí, Rosa Reina, Carlos Bergallo, Héctor Biondi, Jorge Calderón, Jorge Castagnino, Paulo Chinchilla, María Cecilia Dignani, Amadeo Esposto, Norma Falcón Pérez, Cristina Freuler, Carlos M. Luna,  Fernando Ríos, Claudia Rodriguez, Ricardo Valentini, Walter Vazquez, Sergio Verbanaz and Gabriel Vergara
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1383-1398
Review | Published on 25 Sep 2009

Pharmacotherapy Options in Cancer Treatment-Induced Bone Loss: Focus on Bisphosphonates
Kouta Ito
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1335-1350
Review | Published on 25 Sep 2009

A Review of Sildenafil in the Treatment of Pediatric Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Usha Krishnan and Leif Lovig
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1329-1333
Review | Published on 23 Sep 2009

Pharmacotherapy of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Focus on Arformoterol Tartrate
Paul T King
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1321-1327
Review | Published on 23 Sep 2009

Metabolic Complications of Bypass Surgery for Morbid Obesity
S. Richard-Devantoy, J.B. Garré and B. Gohier
Clinical Medicine: Case Reports 2009:2 55-58
Case Report | Published on 18 Sep 2009

Collaboration to Meet a Therapeutic Need: The Development of Nelarabine
David F. Kisor
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1317-1320
Concise Review | Published on 18 Sep 2009

Safety and Efficacy of Didanosine Enteric-Coated Capsule in Patients with HIV-1 Infection
Alejandro Arenas-Pinto
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1263-1274
Review | Published on 17 Sep 2009

Pharmacotherapy of Chronic Hepatitis B in Adults: Focus on Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate
Mamta K. Jain, Cindy L. Zoellner and Kanan Garg
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1291-1305
Review | Published on 17 Sep 2009

Tigecycline in the Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Daniel Curcio
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1275-1289
Review | Published on 17 Sep 2009

Present and Prospective Pharmacotherapies in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Jennifer A. Johnson and Anna R. Hemnes
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1307-1316
Review | Published on 17 Sep 2009

Good News from Aliskiren?
Paolo Verdecchia, Fabio Angeli and Gianpaolo Reboldi
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 999-1002
Concise Review | Published on 17 Sep 2009

Aliskiren for the Treatment of Hypertension: An Update
S Lam, S Saxena, LO Macina and PE Lester
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 727-734
Review | Published on 15 Sep 2009

Montelukast: Pharmacology, Safety, Tolerability and Efficacy
Michael S. Benninger and Heather Waters
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1253-1261
Review | Published on 15 Sep 2009

Rosiglitazone Maleate and Metformin Hydrochloride in Fixed Combination: What Role in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes?
Raymond Farah
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1215-1225
Review | Published on 10 Sep 2009

Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin for Advanced Ovarian Cancer in Women who are Refractory to Both Platinum- and Paclitaxel-Based Chemotherapy Regimens
Toru Sugiyama and Seisuke Kumagai
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1227-1236
Review | Published on 09 Sep 2009

Ropinirole in the Treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome
Roberto Vetrugno and Pasquale Montagna
Clinical Medicine: Therapeutics 2009:1 1237-1251
Review | Published on 09 Sep 2009