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Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase in Children: An Algorithm to Determine When a "Wait and See" Approach is Optimal

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Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics 2011:5 15-18

Technical Advance

Published on 22 Jun 2011

DOI: 10.4137/CMPed.S6872

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Posted by Kim - 11:16,August 30, 2012

Hi TIffany,

Were they able to determine anything from your son's high ALP levels? How high were they when you first tested? My son, 30 months old, had ALP levels come back OVER 3000 two weeks ago. All his other levels are normal. We will be doing follow up bloodowrk today. I'm just trying to find out some info on what it may and may not be. Thanks!

Posted by tiffany martin - 07:28,March 27, 2012

my son has been tested last month and just found out tht his alp is high. i am very new to this n scared too if anyone knows more i would appreciate your input... the dr says he dont think its in his liver its either muscle or bone so im clueless till we get more help.. he is waitin for a spot in the Shriners hospitol.

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