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Human 8–Associated Intravascular Lymphomatosis Within an AIDS Patient
JD Henning, LD Presser, SM Kulich, MA Nalesnik, Frank J Jenkins
Advances in Tumor Virology 2017:7 1179565417711106
Case report | Published on 06 Jun 2017

Technical Issues Associated With Estimating the Prevalence of HPV-52 in Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia
Erica Plummer, Monica Molano, Samuel Phillips, Alyssa M Cornall
Advances in Tumor Virology 2017:7 1179565417695831
Commentary | Published on 14 Mar 2017

Hepatitis C Virus Core Gene Polymorphism in Cases of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Malak Abdelazez Abokhatwa, May Moheb Eldin Raouf, Amel Gaber Elsheredy, Khaled Mahmoud Mohiedeen and Eman Faisal Yuness
Advances in Tumor Virology 2016:6 23-29
Original Research | Published on 20 Dec 2016

Do the Human Endogenous Retroviruses Play a Role in Colon Cancer?
Lucia Signorini, Sonia Villani, Marco Bregni, Pasquale Ferrante and Serena Delbue
Advances in Tumor Virology 2016:6 11-21
Review | Published on 07 Sep 2016

Long Noncoding RNAs in HPV-Induced Oncogenesis
Lucas Goedert, Jessica R. Plaça, Emily M. Nunes, Gabriela N. Debom and Enilza M. Espreafico
Advances in Tumor Virology 2016:6 1-9
Review | Published on 11 Jan 2016

Chronic Inflammation in Cancer: The Role of Human Viruses
Allyson L. Valente, Bradley Schroeder, Craig D. Shriver, Jill D. Henning and Rachel E. Ellsworth
Advances in Tumor Virology 2015:5 1-11
Review | Published on 02 Feb 2015

A Potential Linkage Between the JC and BK Polyomaviruses and Brain and Urinary Tract Tumors: A Review of the Literature
Silvia Carluccio, Lucia Signorini, Francesca Elia, Sonia Villani, Serena Delbue and Pasquale Ferrante
Advances in Tumor Virology 2014:4 17-24
Review | Published on 28 Sep 2014

Tumor Cell Development: A Role for Viruses and Telomerase Activity?
Fernando Pires Hartwig, Lucas Goedert, Mônica Silveira Wagner and Eduarda Schultze
Advances in Tumor Virology 2014:4 7-16
Review | Published on 22 Jul 2014

Role of HPV in Head and Neck Cancer
Margaret A. Stanley
Advances in Tumor Virology 2014:4 1-6
Review | Published on 05 May 2014

Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and the Effectiveness of Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid (SAHA) as a Treatment for EBV Infection and Associated Cancers
Stephen M. Bart, Timothy R. Johnson, Dylan J. DeGol and Jill D. Henning
Advances in Tumor Virology 2013:3 1-7
Review | Published on 13 Oct 2013

Transfer Factor in Virus-Associated Malignancies: An Underestimated Weapon in Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
Paul H. Levine, Giancarlo Pizza, Kunal Ajmera, Caterina De Vinci and Dimitri Viza
Advances in Tumor Virology 2011:2 7-20
Review | Published on 21 Sep 2011

Pathology of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in Sudanese Patients and its Association with Epstein-Barr Virus: A Report from a Single Center in Khartoum
Ameera A.M. Adam, Nazik E. Abdullah, Eman H. Khalifa, Lamyaa A.M. El Hassan, E.M. Elamin, K.M. Hamad, M.E. Ibrahim and A.M. El Hassan
Advances in Tumor Virology 2011:2 1-6
Original Research | Published on 23 Jan 2011 | Highly accessed (previous month)

The Knowledge that Human Tumor Virology can Gain from Studies on Avian Tumor Viruses
Irit Davidson
Advances in Tumor Virology 2009:1 9-19
Review | Published on 22 Dec 2009

Increased Detection of Breast Cancer Virus Sequences in Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Paul H. Levine, Heather A. Young, LaQuisha Mark, Helen Rojowsky, James F. Holland and Beatriz G-T Pogo
Advances in Tumor Virology 2009:1 3-7
Published on 10 Nov 2009

Introductory Editorial (Advances in Tumor Virology)
Frank J. Jenkins
Advances in Tumor Virology 2009:1 1
Editorial | Published on 14 Aug 2009

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