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Prophylactic Iron Supplementation in Pregnancy: A Controversial Issue
João Ricardo Friedrisch, Bruno Kras Friedrisch
Biochemistry Insights 2017:10 1178626417737738
Review | Published on 27 Oct 2017

DNA Microarray Analysis of Estrogen Responsive Genes in Ishikawa Cells by Glabridin
Poh Su Wei Melissa, Yong Voon Chen Phelim, Visweswaran Navaratnam, Chia Yoke Yin
Biochemistry Insights 2017:10 1178626417721676
Original Research | Published on 26 Jul 2017

The Role of the Growth Hormone/Insulin-Like Growth Factor System in Visceral Adiposity
Moira S Lewitt
Biochemistry Insights 2017:10 1178626417703995
Review | Published on 20 Apr 2017

Identification of Stevioside Using Tissue Culture-Derived Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) Leaves
Md. Ziaul Karim, Daisuke Uesugi, Noriyuki Nakayama, M. Monzur Hossain, Kohji Ishihara and Hiroki Hamada
Biochemistry Insights 2015:Suppl. 2 33-37
Original Research | Published on 18 Dec 2016

Effects of Sterculia setigera Del. Stem Bark Extract on Hematological and Biochemical Parameters of Wistar Rats
Moses Z. Zaruwa, Nne. I. Ibok, Ibokabasi U. Ibok, Emmanuel C. Onyenonachi, C. Danchal, Aisha G. Ahmed, Maryam U. Ahmed and Ismaila Y. Sudi
Biochemistry Insights 2016:9 19-22
Original Research | Published on 11 Dec 2016

A Single-Cell Platform for Monitoring Viral Proteolytic Cleavage in Different Cellular Compartments
Darin Abbadessa, Cameron A. Smurthwaite, Connor W. Reed and Roland Wolkowicz
Biochemistry Insights 2015:Suppl. 2 23-31
Original Research | Published on 22 Sep 2016

Serum, Saliva, and Urine Irisin with and Without Acute Appendicitis and Abdominal Pain
Unal Bakal, Suleyman Aydin, Mehmet Sarac, Tuncay Kuloglu, Mehmet Kalayci, Gokhan Artas, Meltem Yardim and Ahmet Kazez
Biochemistry Insights 2016:9 11-17
Original Research | Published on 15 Jun 2016

Correction to: “Carbamylated Erythropoietin: A Prospective Drug Candidate for Neuroprotection”
Jianmin Chen, Zheng Yang and Xiao Zhang
Biochemistry Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 31-31
Correction | Published on 09 Jun 2016

Protein Modifications as Manifestations of Hyperglycemic Glucotoxicity in Diabetes and Its Complications
Hong Zheng, Jinzi Wu, Zhen Jin and Liang-Jun Yan
Biochemistry Insights 2016:9 1-9
Review | Published on 23 Mar 2016

Carbamylated Erythropoietin: A Prospective Drug Candidate for Neuroprotection
Jianmin Chen, Zheng Yang and Xiao Zhang
Biochemistry Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 25-29
Review | Published on 04 Feb 2016

Introductory Editorial: Ligand-Receptor Interactions and Drug Design
Yanling Zhang, Jianrui Song, Xiaojun Zhang and Yuanyuan Xiao
Biochemistry Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 21-23
Editorial | Published on 20 Dec 2015

La3+ Alters the Response Properties of Neurons in the Mouse Primary Somatosensory Cortex to Low-Temperature Noxious Stimulation of the Dental Pulp
Yanjiao Jin
Biochemistry Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 9-20
Original Research | Published on 09 Nov 2015

Extracellular Matrix and Integrins in Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation
Han Wang, Xie Luo and Jake Leighton
Biochemistry Insights 2015:Suppl. 2 15-21
Review | Published on 28 Sep 2015

Selective Regulation of Oocyte Meiotic Events Enhances Progress in Fertility Preservation Methods
Onder Celik, Nilufer Celik, Sami Gungor, Esra Tustas Haberal and Suleyman Aydin
Biochemistry Insights 2015:8 11-21
Review | Published on 20 Sep 2015

Arabinosylation Plays a Crucial Role in Extensin Cross-linking In Vitro
Yuning Chen, Wen Dong, Li Tan, Michael A. Held and Marcia J. Kieliszewski
Biochemistry Insights 2015:Suppl. 2 1-13
Original Research | Published on 20 Sep 2015

Combined Efficacy of Gallic Acid and MiADMSA with Limited Beneficial Effects Over MiADMSA Against Arsenic-induced Oxidative Stress in Mouse
Vidhu Pachauri and S.J.S. Flora
Biochemistry Insights 2015:8 1-10
Original Research | Published on 26 Aug 2015

Production, Purification, and Identification of Cholest-4-en-3-one Produced by Cholesterol Oxidase from Rhodococcus sp. in Aqueous/Organic Biphasic System
Ke Wu, Wei Li, Jianrui Song and Tao Li
Biochemistry Insights 2015:Suppl. 1 1-8
Original Research | Published on 16 Feb 2015

Withaferin A Inhibits STAT3 and Induces Tumor Cell Death in Neuroblastoma and Multiple Myeloma
Lisette P. Yco, Gabor Mocz, John Opoku-Ansah and André S. Bachmann
Biochemistry Insights 2014:7 1-13
Original Research | Published on 09 Nov 2014

Molecular Differences and Similarities Between Alzheimer’s Disease and the 5XFAD Transgenic Mouse Model of Amyloidosis
Chera L. Maarouf, Tyler A. Kokjohn, Charisse M. Whiteside, MiMi P. Macias, Walter M. Kalback, Marwan N. Sabbagh, Thomas G. Beach, Robert Vassar and Alex E. Roher
Biochemistry Insights 2013:6 1-10
Original Research | Published on 21 Nov 2013

Plant-based Paste Fermented by Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeast: Functional Analysis and Possibility of Application to Functional Foods
Shinsuke Kuwaki, Nobuyoshi Nakajima, Hidehiko Tanaka and Kohji Ishihara
Biochemistry Insights 2012:5 21-29
Original Research | Published on 31 Oct 2012

Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis of Ester-Linked 2-Phenylindole-3-Carboxaldehyde-Monosaccharide Conjugate as Potential Prodrug
Kei Shimoda, Manabu Hamada, Hiroshi Yokoi and Hiroki Hamada
Biochemistry Insights 2012:5 17-20
Original Research | Published on 27 Aug 2012

Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis of Glycolyl-Ester-Linked Taxol-Monosaccharide Conjugate and Its Drug Delivery System Using Hepatitis B Virus Envelope L Bio-Nanocapsules
Kei Shimoda, Manabu Hamada, Masaharu Seno, Tadakatsu Mandai and Hiroki Hamada
Biochemistry Insights 2012:5 11-15
Original Research | Published on 09 Jul 2012

Dying for Good: Virus-Bacterium Biofilm Co-evolution Enhances Environmental Fitness
Hongjun Jin, Thomas C. Squier and Philip E. Long
Biochemistry Insights 2012:5 1-9
Rapid Communication | Published on 03 Jul 2012

Bioremediation of Benzophenone by Glycosylation with Immobilized Marine Microalga Chrysocampanulla spinifera and Amphidinium crassum
Kei Shimoda, Yushi Uchimura, Hiroya Imai, Megumi Kitagawa, Hirotaka Hirano, Hatsuyuki Hamada and Hiroki Hamada
Biochemistry Insights 2011:4 35-40
Original Research | Published on 20 Oct 2011

Stereoselective Reduction of α-Keto Ester and α-Keto Amide with Marine Actinomycetes, Salinispora Strains, as Novel Biocatalysts
Kohji Ishihara, Hirokazu Nagai, Kazunari Takahashi, Mariko Nishiyama and Nobuyoshi Nakajima
Biochemistry Insights 2011:4 29-33
Original Research | Published on 30 Aug 2011

Persistent Inflammatory Pathways Associated with Early Onset Myocardial Infarction in a Medicated Multiethnic Hawaiian Cohort
Kornelia M. Szauter, Matthias K. Jansen, Gordon Okimoto, Michael Loomis, James H. Kimura, Matthew Heller, Tercia Ku, Maarit Tiirikainen, Charles D. Boyd, Katalin Csiszar and Richard A. Girton
Biochemistry Insights 2011:4 13-27
Original Research | Published on 11 May 2011 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Glycosylation of Capsaicin Derivatives and Phenylpropanoid Derivatives Using Cultured Plant Cells
Hisashi Katsuragi, Kei Shimoda, Ryohei Yamamoto, Kohji Ishihara and Hiroki Hamada
Biochemistry Insights 2011:4 1-12
Original Research | Published on 28 Apr 2011

Morphological Changes and Immunohistochemical Expression of RAGE and its Ligands in the Sciatic Nerve of Hyperglycemic Pig (Sus Scrofa)
Judyta K. Juranek, Alexey Aleshin, Eileen M. Rattigan, Lynne Johnson, Wu Qu, Fei Song, Radha Ananthakrishnan, Nosirudeen Quadri, Shi Du Yan, Ravichandran Ramasamy, Ann Marie Schmidt and Matthew S. Geddis
Biochemistry Insights 2010:3 47-59
Original Research | Published on 01 Sep 2010

Generation of Active Bovine Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT) in E.coli
Wee Liang Kuan, Joma Joy, Ng Fui Mee, Kwek Zekui Perlyn, Then Siew Wen, Thuy Nguen, Joanne James, Elaine Chai, Horst Flotow, Sharon Crasta, Kelvin Chua, Ng Sok Peng and Jeffrey Hill
Biochemistry Insights 2010:3 41-46
Methodology | Published on 24 Aug 2010

Synthesis of Capsaicin Glycosides and 8-Nordihydrocapsaicin Glycosides as Potential Weight-Loss Formulations
Hisashi Katsuragi, Kei Shimoda, Eriko Kimura and Hiroki Hamada
Biochemistry Insights 2010:3 35-39
Original Research | Published on 18 Mar 2010

Collagen Racemization and Deposition in the Lungs of Aged Rats
Akiko Kasai, Naomi Yamashita and Naoko Utsunomiya-Tate
Biochemistry Insights 2010:3 25-33
Original Research | Published on 11 Mar 2010

Preparation of Chiral 2-chloromandelamide: Stereoselective Reduction of an Aromatic α-keto Amide with Actinomycete Strains
Kohji Ishihara, Mai Nishimura, Ken Nakashima, Noriko Machii, Fumie Miyake, Miyuki Nishi, Momoko Yoshida, Noriyoshi Masuoka and Nobuyoshi Nakajima
Biochemistry Insights 2010:3 19-24
Original Research | Published on 24 Feb 2010

The Use of Soluble Transferrin Receptor in the Detection of rHuEPO Abuse in Sports
Donovan McGrowder, Paul Brown, Ruby Lisa Alexander-Lindo, Shirley Budall, Rachael Irving and Lorenzo Gordon
Biochemistry Insights 2010:3 7-18
Review | Published on 16 Feb 2010

Enzymatic Synthesis and Anti-Allergic Activities of Curcumin Oligosaccharides
Kei Shimoda and Hiroki Hamada
Biochemistry Insights 2010:3 1-5
Original Research | Published on 04 Feb 2010

On Message Ribonucleic Acids Targeting to Mitochondria
Di Ding, Kunjan R. Dave and Sanjoy K. Bhattacharya
Biochemistry Insights 2009:2 71-81
Short Review | Published on 03 Dec 2009

A Role for IR-β in the Free Fatty Acid Mediated Development of Hepatic Insulin Resistance?
Samit Shah and Arthur G. Cox
Biochemistry Insights 2009:2 67-69
Short Commentary | Published on 02 Oct 2009

Chelation Therapy for Mercury Poisoning
Rong Guan and Han Dai
Biochemistry Insights 2009:2 63-66
Short Commentary | Published on 07 Aug 2009

Immune- and Pollution-mediated DNA Damage in Two Wild Mya arenaria Clam Populations
François Gagné, M. Laura Martín-Díaz and Christian Blaise
Biochemistry Insights 2009:2 51-62
Original Research | Published on 05 Aug 2009

Capsaicin - the Hot and Spicy Diet Turned Mild and Effective by Glycosylation
Henrik Toft Simonsen
Biochemistry Insights 2009:2 47-49

Short Commentary | Published on 06 Jul 2009

Renal Toxicity of Mercuric Chloride at Different Time Intervals in Rats
W.A. Al-Madani, N.J. Siddiqi and A.S. Alhomida
Biochemistry Insights 2009:2 37-45
Original Research | Published on 23 Jun 2009

Prolonged Treatment with Free Fatty Acids has Post Receptor Effect in Hepatic Insulin Resistance: Evidence that Fatty Acids, Oleate and Palmitate have Insignificant Effect on the Insulin Receptor Beta In Vivo and Ex Vivo Primary Hepatocytes
Rafik Ragheb, Amina M. Medhat, Gamila M.L. Shanab, Dina M. Seoudi and Fantus I.G.
Biochemistry Insights 2009:2 29-36
Original Research | Published on 12 Jun 2009

A Novel Mechanism in Regulating the Alpha-Subunit of the Epithelial Sodium Channel (α ENaC) by the Alternatively Spliced Form α ENaC-b
Marlene F. Shehata
Biochemistry Insights 2009:2 21-27
Original Research | Published on 15 Apr 2009

A 20 Residues Motif Delineates the Furin Cleavage Site and its Physical Properties May Influence Viral Fusion
Sun Tian
Biochemistry Insights 2009:2 9-20
Original Research | Published on 08 Apr 2009 | Highly accessed (previous month)

Fast and Simple micro-RNA Northern Blots
Nham Tran
Biochemistry Insights 2009:2 1-3
Methodology | Published on 04 Mar 2009

Production of (2R,3S)-2-Benzamidomethyl-3-Hydroxybutanoates by Immobilized Plant Cells of Parthenocissus Tricuspidata
Kei Shimoda, Naoji Kubota, Hatsuyuki Hamada, Tatsunari Kobayashi, Hiroki Hamada, Siddiqi M. Shafi and Nobuyoshi Nakajima
Biochemistry Insights 2009:2 5-7
Original Research | Published on 06 Jan 2009

Use of a Combined Duplex PCR/Dot Blot Assay for more sensitive genetic characterization
Erin Curry, Scott L. Pratt, Dale E. Kelley, Daniel R. Lapin and John R. Gibbons
Biochemistry Insights 2008:1 35-39
Published on 06 Nov 2008

The Dual Nature of Metallothioneins in the Metabolism of Heavy Metals and Reactive Oxygen Species in Aquatic Organisms: Implications of Use as a Biomarker of Heavy-Metal Effects in Field Investigations
F Gagné, C André and C Blaise
Biochemistry Insights 2008:1 23-33
Published on 01 Sep 2008

Targeted Cancer Therapy with Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha
Weibo Cai, Zachary J. Kerner, Hao Hong and Jiangtao Sun
Biochemistry Insights 2008:1 5-21
Published on 22 Jul 2008

A Changing Research and Publication Landscape for Biochemistry
Gabor Mocz
Biochemistry Insights 2008:1 1-3
Published on 25 Mar 2008

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