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Drug Target Insights is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal, covering current developments in all areas of the field of clinical therapeutics and focusing on molecular drug targets which include disease-specific proteins, receptors, enzymes, and genes. The journal seeks to elucidate the impact of new therapeutic agents on patient acceptability, preference, satisfaction and quality of life. The journal welcomes unsolicited article proposals. All articles are listed on PubMed and are freely available via PubMed Central.

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Anti-CD20 Cell Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis—A Fixed Dosing Schedule for Ocrelizumab is Overkill
Jagannadha Avasarala
Drug Target Insights 2017:11 1177392817737515
Rapid Communication | Published on 25 Oct 2017

Ethanol Extract of Stem Bark Show Remarkable Prophylactic Activity in Experimental –Infected Mice
Olayinka O Otegbade, Johnson A Ojo, Dolapo I Adefokun, Oyindamola O Abiodun, Bolaji N Thomas, Olusola Ojurongbe
Drug Target Insights 2017:11 1177392817728725
Original Research | Published on 28 Aug 2017

Modification of -Adenosyl--Homocysteine as Inhibitor of Nonstructural Protein 5 Methyltransferase Dengue Virus Through Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Usman Sumo Friend Tambunan, Mochammad Arfin Fardiansyah Nasution, Fauziah Azhima, Arli Aditya Parikesit, Erwin Prasetya Toepak, Syarifuddin Idrus, Djati Kerami
Drug Target Insights 2017:11 1177392817701726
Original Research | Published on 20 Apr 2017

Introductory Editorial: Drug-Eluting Stents or Drug-Eluting Grafts? Insights from Proteomic Analysis
Cristiano Spadaccio, Francesco Nappi, Nawwar Al-Attar, Raffaella Coccia, Marzia Perluigi, Fabio Di Domenico
Drug Target Insights 2016:Suppl. 1 15-19
Editorial | Published on 03 Jan 2017

Immunoinformatics Approach in Designing Epitope-based Vaccine Against Meningitis-inducing Bacteria (Streptococcus pneumoniae, Neisseria meningitidis, and Haemophilus influenzae Type b)
Hilyatuz Zahroh, Ahmad Ma’rup, Usman Sumo Friend Tambunan and Arli Aditya Parikesit
Drug Target Insights 2016:10 19-29
Original Research | Published on 01 Nov 2016

Effects and Safety of Linagliptin as an Add-on Therapy in Advanced-Stage Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Taking Renin–Angiotensin–Aldosterone System Blockers
Yuichiro Ueda, Hiroki Ishii, Taisuke Kitano, Mitsutoshi Shindo, Haruhisa Miyazawa, Kiyonori Ito, Keiji Hirai, Yoshio Kaku, Honami Mori, Taro Hoshino, Susumu Ookawara, Masafumi Kakei, Kaoru Tabei and Yoshiyuki Morishita
Drug Target Insights 2016:10 13-18
Original Research | Published on 11 Sep 2016

Gentamicin-Impregnated Collagen Sponge: Effectiveness in Preventing Sternal Wound Infection in High-Risk Cardiac Surgery
Filippo Rapetto, Vito D. Bruno, Gustavo Guida, Roberto Marsico, Pierpaolo Chivasso and Carlo Zebele
Drug Target Insights 2016:Suppl. 1 9-13
Consise Review | Published on 29 May 2016

A Case of Organizing Pneumonia (OP) Associated with Pembrolizumab
Paraskevi Fragkou, Maria Souli, Maria Theochari, Christina Kontopoulou, Stelios Loukides and Anna Koumarianou
Drug Target Insights 2016:10 9-12
Case Report | Published on 22 May 2016

Brain Histamine N-Methyltransferase As a Possible Target of Treatment for Methamphetamine Overdose
Junichi Kitanaka, Nobue Kitanaka, F. Scott Hall, George R. Uhl and Motohiko Takemura
Drug Target Insights 2016:10 1-7
Review | Published on 02 Mar 2016

Preliminary In Vivo Evaluation of a Hybrid Armored Vascular Graft Combining Electrospinning and Additive Manufacturing Techniques
Cristiano Spadaccio, Francesco Nappi, Federico De Marco, Pietro Sedati, Fraser W.H. Sutherland, Massimo Chello, Marcella Trombetta and Alberto Rainer
Drug Target Insights 2016:Suppl. 1 1-7
Original Research | Published on 28 Feb 2016

Screening Analogs of β-OG Pocket Binder as Fusion Inhibitor of Dengue Virus 2
Usman S.F. Tambunan, Hilyatuz Zahroh, Arli A. Parikesit, Syarifuddin Idrus and Djati Kerami
Drug Target Insights 2015:9 33-49
Original Research | Published on 16 Nov 2015

Management of Diabetes Associated with Nephrotic Syndrome: Therapeutic Potential of Dapagliflozin for Protracted Volume Retention
Toshimi Imai, Tetsu Akimoto, Chiharu Ito, Takahiro Masuda and Daisuke Nagata
Drug Target Insights 2015:9 29-31
Case report | Published on 11 Nov 2015

Basal Plasma Levels of Copeptin are Elevated in Inactive Inflammatory Bowel Disease after Bowel Resection
Bodil Ohlsson and Olle Melander
Drug Target Insights 2015:9 21-27
Original Research | Published on 13 Jul 2015

Medicinal Plants: A Potential Source of Compounds for Targeting Cell Division
Ihsan N. Zulkipli, Sheba R. David, Rajan Rajabalaya and Adi Idris
Drug Target Insights 2015:9 9-19
Short Review | Published on 15 Jun 2015

7-NI and ODQ Disturbs Memory in the Elevated Plus Maze, Morris Water Maze, and Radial Arm Maze Tests in Mice
Oguz Mutlu, Furuzan Akar, Ipek Komsuoglu Celikyurt, Pelin Tanyeri, Guner Ulak and Faruk Erden
Drug Target Insights 2015:9 1-8
Original Research | Published on 04 Mar 2015

Genome-wide Analysis of Mycoplasma hominis for the Identification of Putative Therapeutic Targets
Md. Masud Parvege, Monzilur Rahman and Mohammad Shahnoor Hossain
Drug Target Insights 2014:8 51-62
Original Research | Published on 09 Dec 2014

The Expression of Serum Antibodies Against Gonadotropin-releasing Hormone (GnRH1), Progonadoliberin-2, Luteinizing Hormone (LH), and Related Receptors in Patients with Gastrointestinal Dysfunction or Diabetes Mellitus
Bodil Roth, Kerstin Berntorp and Bodil Ohlsson
Drug Target Insights 2014:8 45-50
Original Research | Published on 10 Nov 2014

Febuxostat for Hyperuricemia in Patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease
Tetsu Akimoto, Yoshiyuki Morishita, Chiharu Ito, Osamu Iimura, Sadao Tsunematsu, Yuko Watanabe, Eiji Kusano and Daisuke Nagata
Drug Target Insights 2014:8 39-43
Rapid Communication | Published on 13 Aug 2014

Molecular and Kinetic Characterization of Babesia microti Gray Strain Lactate Dehydrogenase as a Potential Drug Target
Patrick Vudriko, Tatsunori Masatani, Shinuo Cao, Mohamad Alla Terkawi, Ketsarin Kamyingkird, Ahmed A. Mousa, Paul F. Adjou Moumouni, Yoshifumi Nishikawa and Xuenan Xuan
Drug Target Insights 2014:8 31-38
Original Research | Published on 28 Jul 2014

Effects of Zaprinast and Rolipram on Olfactory and Visual Memory in the Social Transmission of Food Preference and Novel Object Recognition Tests in Mice
Furuzan Akar, Oguz Mutlu, Ipek K. Celikyurt, Emine Bektas, Mehmet H. Tanyeri, Guner Ulak, Pelin Tanyeri and Faruk Erden
Drug Target Insights 2014:8 23-29
Original Research | Published on 29 Apr 2014

The Antidepressant Agomelatine Improves Memory Deterioration and Upregulates CREB and BDNF Gene Expression Levels in Unpredictable Chronic Mild Stress (UCMS)-Exposed Mice
Esen Gumuslu, Oguz Mutlu, Deniz Sunnetci, Guner Ulak, Ipek K. Celikyurt, Naci Cine, Furuzan Akar, Hakan Savli and Faruk Erden
Drug Target Insights 2014:8 11-21
Original Research | Published on 05 Mar 2014

In Silico Molecular Characterization of Cysteine Protease YopT from Yersinia pestis by Homology Modeling and Binding Site Identification
Md. Anayet Hasan, S. M. Alauddin, Mohammad Al Amin, Suza Mohammad Nur and Adnan Mannan
Drug Target Insights 2014:8 1-9
Original Research | Published on 13 Jan 2014

Microscopic Colitis and Reproductive Factors Related to Exposure to Estrogens and Progesterone
Bodil Roth, Jonas Manjer and Bodil Ohlsson
Drug Target Insights 2013:7 53-62
Original Research | Published on 07 Oct 2013

Hsp60 Chaperonin Acts as Barrier to Pharmacologically Induced Oxidative Stress Mediated Apoptosis in Tumor Cells with Differential Stress Response
Upasana Sarangi, Manish Kumar Singh, Kanugovi Vijaya Vittal Abhijnya, Lebaka Prasanna Anjaneya Reddy, Badabagni Siva Prasad, Vikrant Vinay Pitke, Khanderao Paithankar and Amere Subbarao Sreedhar
Drug Target Insights 2013:7 35-51
Original Research | Published on 01 Sep 2013

P-glycoprotein Inhibition for Optimal Drug Delivery
Md. Lutful Amin
Drug Target Insights 2013:7 27-34
Short Review | Published on 19 Aug 2013

Microscopic Colitis is Associated with Several Concomitant Diseases
Bodil Roth, Jonas Manjer and Bodil Ohlsson
Drug Target Insights 2013:7 19-25
Rapid Communication | Published on 11 Aug 2013

Impact of Hepatocyte Growth Factor on Skeletal Myoblast Transplantation Late After Myocardial Infarction
Stacy B. O’Blenes, Audrey W. Li, Chris Bowen, Drew DeBay, Mohammed Althobaiti and James Clarke
Drug Target Insights 2013:7 9-17
Original Research | Published on 06 May 2013

Antibodies Against Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone in Patients with Posterior Laryngitis
Hillevi Pendleton, Ragnar Alm, Gunilla Nordin Fredrikson, and Bodil Ohlsson
Drug Target Insights 2013:7 1-8
Rapid Communication | Published on 28 Jan 2013

Drug Target Exploitable Structural Features of Adenylyl Cyclase Activity in Schistosoma mansoni
Andreas N. Mbah, Henri L. Kamga, Omotayo R. Awofolu and Raphael D. Isokpehi
Drug Target Insights 2012:6 41-58
Original Research | Published on 24 Oct 2012

17AAG Treatment Accelerates Doxorubicin Induced Cellular Senescence: Hsp90 Interferes with Enforced Senescence of Tumor Cells
Upasana Sarangi, Khande Rao Paithankar, Jonnala Ujwal Kumar, Vaidyanathan Subramaniam and Amere Subbarao Sreedhar
Drug Target Insights 2012:6 19-39
Original Research | Published on 06 Aug 2012

Expression of Luteinizing Hormone Receptor in the Gastrointestinal Tract in Patients with and without Dysmotility
Oskar Hammar, Béla Veress, Agneta Montgomery and Bodil Ohlsson
Drug Target Insights 2012:6 13-18
Rapid Communication | Published on 23 Apr 2012

Resveratrol Targeting of Carcinogen-Induced Brain Endothelial Cell Inflammation Biomarkers MMP-9 and COX-2 is Sirt1-Independent
Borhane Annabi, Simon Lord-Dufour, Amélie Vézina and Richard Béliveau
Drug Target Insights 2012:6 1-11
Original Research | Published on 11 Apr 2012

Predictors of Virologic Failure in HIV/AIDS Patients Treated with Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in Brasília, Brazil During 2002–2008
Edson José Monteiro Bello, Amabel Fernandes Correia, José Ricardo Pio Marins, Edgar Merchan-Hamann and Luis Isamu Barros Kanzaki
Drug Target Insights 2011:5 33-41
Original Research | Published on 24 Nov 2011

Repercussion of Mitochondria Deformity Induced by Anti-Hsp90 Drug 17AAG in Human Tumor Cells
Chaturvedi Vishal, Jonnala Ujwal Kumar, Cherukuvada Veera Brahmendra Swamy, Rangaraj Nandini, Gunda Srinivas, Rathinam Kumaresan, Singh Shashi and Amere Subbarao Sreedhar
Drug Target Insights 2011:5 11-32
Original Research | Published on 07 Jun 2011 | Highly accessed (previous month)

The Effect of Valproic Acid on Mesenchymal Pluripotent Cell Proliferation and Differentiation in Extracellular Matrices
Yuji Hatakeyama, Junko Hatakeyama, Atsushi Takahashi, Kyoko Oka, Eichi Tsuruga, Tetsuichiro Inai and Yoshihiko Sawa
Drug Target Insights 2011:5 1-9
Original Research | Published on 22 Mar 2011

A Model for NAD(P)H:Quinoneoxidoreductase 1 (NQO1) Targeted Individualized Cancer Chemotherapy
Asher Begleiter, Nadia El-Gabalawy, Laurie Lange, Marsha K. Leith, Lynn J. Guziec and Frank S. Guziec Jr
Drug Target Insights 2009:4 1-8
Published on 15 Jan 2009

The Toxicity of a Chemically Synthesized Peptide Derived from Non-Integrin Platelet Collagen Receptors
Thomas M. Chiang and V. Woo-Rasberry
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 153-159
Published on 13 Aug 2008

The Target of 5-Lipoxygenase is a Novel Strategy over Human Urological Tumors than the Target of Cyclooxygenase-2
Masahide Matsuyama and Rikio Yoshimura
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 137-151

Published on 13 Jun 2008

Study of Alkylglycerol Containing Shark Liver Oil: a Physico Chemical Support for Biological Effect?
Jean-Claude Debouzy, David Crouzier, Bertrand Lefebvre and Vincent Dabouis
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 125-135
Published on 28 May 2008

Live Typhoid Vaccine for IBD-Patients—Well Tolerated and with Possible Therapeutic Effect
Gunnar Nysæter and Arnold Berstad
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 119-123
Published on 16 May 2008

Memantine: Reality and Potentiality
Rita Moretti, Paola Torre, Cristina Vilotti, Davide Manganaro, Luca Zanet and Rodolfo M. Antonello
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 77-85
Published on 08 May 2008

Recent Advancements in Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic Molecules in Neurodegenerative Disease - Spinocerebellar Ataxia - Opportunities and Challenges
Satya Prakash and Meenakshi Malhotra
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 99-117
Published on 02 May 2008

The Beta3 499–513 Peptide Region is Required for AlphaIIb/ Beta3 Active Complex Formation and Fibrinogen Binding
Virginia Woo-Rasberry and Thomas M. Chiang
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 67-76
Published on 28 Apr 2008

Therapies to Increase ApoA-I and HDL-Cholesterol Levels
William M. Brown and Fabrizio S. Chiacchia
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 45-54
Published on 23 Apr 2008

Use of Proteomics Analysis for Molecular Precision Approaches in Cancer Therapy
Yuqiao Shen, Neil N. Senzer and John J. Nemunaitis
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 55-66
Published on 23 Apr 2008

Targeting Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Signaling into the Central Nervous System for Promoting Myelin Repair
Nadine Wilczak, Jacques De Keyser and Daniel Chesik
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 37-44
Published on 18 Apr 2008

Maurizio Zangari, Francesca Elice, Guido Tricot and Louis Fink
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 87-97
Published on 16 Apr 2008

Evidence of a Novel Gene from Aeromonas hydrophila Encoding a Putative Siderophore Receptor Involved in Bacterial Growth and Survival
Shaw-Wei D. Tsen
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 31-36
Published on 18 Mar 2008

New-Onset Diabetes Mellitus Among Parkinsonian Patients Treated with Long-term Quetiapine
Hubert H. Fernandez, Katie M. McCown, Janet Romrell, Martha E. Trieschmann, Joseph H. Friedman, Charles E. Jacobson IV and Michael S. Okun
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 27-29
Published on 18 Mar 2008

Targeting Gallium to Cancer Cells through the Folate Receptor
Nerissa Viola-Villegas, Anthony Vortherms and Robert P. Doyle
Drug Target Insights 2008:3 13-25

Published on 01 Mar 2008

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