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An international, peer reviewed, open access journal that focuses on reporting bioinformatic analysis of molecular genetic and/or clinical data pertaining to human cancer risk, prevention, outcome or treatment response.  The journal recognizes that scientific collaborations across traditional disciplines can yield exponential synergistic gains: cancer research benefits from advances in many fields, including genomics and proteomics, mass spectrometry and radio imaging, computer science and biostatistics including machine learning and artificial intelligence, and medical informatics. The journal also recognizes the centrality of computational biology in these synergies.

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Dedication: Chiara Silvestrini
Mary E. Edgerton
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 123
Published on 12 Feb 2007

PubMed QUEST: The PubMed Query Search Tool. An informatics tool to aid cancer centers and cancer investigators in searching the PubMed databases
David A. Hanauer and Arul M. Chinnaiyan
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 79-82
Published on 12 Feb 2007

Applications of Machine Learning in Cancer Prediction and Prognosis
Joseph A. Cruz and David S. Wishart
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 59-77
Published on 11 Feb 2007

Data Mining for Gene Networks Relevant to Poor Prognosis in Lung Cancer via Backward-Chaining Rule Induction
Mary E. Edgerton, Douglas H. Fisher, Lianhong Tang, Lewis J. Frey and Zhihua Chen

Cancer Informatics 2007:3 93-114

Published on 10 Feb 2007

Computational Methods for the Analysis of Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization
Raj Chari, William W. Lockwood and Wan L. Lam
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 48-58
Published on 10 Feb 2007

Identification and Characterization of Renal Cell Carcinoma Gene Markers
Gul S. Dalgin, Dustin T. Holloway, Louis S. Liou and Charles DeLisi
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 65-92
Published on 09 Feb 2007

Multi-marker testing for cancer: what can we learn from modern prenatal testing for Trisomy-21
Erasmus Schneider and Gerald Mizejewski
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 44-47
Published on 09 Feb 2007

CGHregions: Dimension Reduction for Array CGH Data with Minimal Information Loss
Mark A. van de Wiel and Wessel N. van Wieringen
Cancer informatics 2007:3 55-63
Published on 08 Feb 2007

aCGHViewer: A Generic Visualization Tool For aCGH data
Ganesh Shankar, Michael R. Rossi, Devin E. McQuaid, Jeffrey M. Conroy, Daniel G. Gaile, John K. Cowell, Norma J. Nowak, Ping Liang
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 36-43
Published on 08 Feb 2007

Gamma-Normal-Gamma Mixture Model for Detecting Differentially Methylated Loci in Three Breast Cancer Cell Lines
Abbas Khalili, Dustin Potter, Pearlly Yan, Lang Li, Joe Gray, Tim Huang and Shili Lin
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 43-54
Published on 07 Feb 2007

Bioinformatics resources for cancer research with an emphasis on gene function and structure prediction tools
Daisuke Kihara, Yifeng David Yang & Troy Hawkins
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 25-35
Published on 07 Feb 2007

Statistical Redundancy Testing for Improved Gene Selection in Cancer Classification Using Microarray Data
Simin Hu and J. Sunil Rao
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 29-41
Published on 06 Feb 2007

Cancer Informatics Vision: caBIG
Andrew C. von Eschenbach, M.D. and Kenneth Buetow, Ph.D.
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 22-24
Published on 06 Feb 2007

Identifying Biomarkers from Mass Spectrometry Data with Ordinal Outcome
Deukwoo Kwon, Mahlet G. Tadesse, Naijun Sha, Ruth M. Pfeiffer and Marina Vannucci
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 19-28
Published on 05 Feb 2007

Magellan: A Web Based System for the Integrated Analysis of Heterogeneous Biological Data and Annotations; Application to DNA Copy Number and Expression Data in Ovarian Cancer
Chris B. Kingsley, Wen-Lin Kuo, Daniel Polikoff, Andy Berchuck, Joe W. Gray, and Ajay N. Jain
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 10-21
Published on 05 Feb 2007

Analysis of Gene Expression Data Using BRB-Array Tools
Richard Simon, Amy Lam, Ming-Chung Li, Michael Ngan, Supriya Menenzes and Yingdong Zhao
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 11-17
Published on 04 Feb 2007

Spotlight on Cancer Informatics: Constantin Alifieris, M.D., Ph.D.
Constantin Alifieris
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 3-9
Published on 04 Feb 2007

Asterias: A Parallelized Web-based Suite for the Analysis of Expression and aCGH Data
Andreu Alibés, Edward R. Morrissey, Andrés Cañada, Oscar M. Rueda, David Casado, Patricio Yankilevich and Ramón Díaz-Uriarte
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 1-9
Published on 03 Feb 2007

Biomarker Development Study Publication Standards are Dead - Long Live Biomarker Development Study Publication Standards!
Dr James Lyons-Weiler
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 1-2
Published on 03 Feb 2007

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