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An international, peer reviewed, open access journal that focuses on reporting bioinformatic analysis of molecular genetic and/or clinical data pertaining to human cancer risk, prevention, outcome or treatment response.  The journal recognizes that scientific collaborations across traditional disciplines can yield exponential synergistic gains: cancer research benefits from advances in many fields, including genomics and proteomics, mass spectrometry and radio imaging, computer science and biostatistics including machine learning and artificial intelligence, and medical informatics. The journal also recognizes the centrality of computational biology in these synergies.

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Decentralized Data Sharing of Tissue Microarrays for Investigative Research in Oncology
Wenjin Chen, Cristina Schmidt, Manish Parashar, Michael Reiss,and David J. Foran
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 373-388
Published on 06 Jun 2007

Spatial Turing-type Pattern Formation in a Model of Signal Transduction Involving Membrane-based Receptors Coupled by G Proteins
Chontita Rattanakul, Yongwimon Lenbury, Jonathan Bell, Varanuj Chatsudthipong, Wannapong Triampo and Philip S.Crooke
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 329-343
Published on 06 Jun 2007

Investigation of miRNA Biology by Bioinformatic Tools and Impact of miRNAs in Colorectal Cancer: Regulatory Relationship of c-Myc and p53 with miRNAs
Yaguang Xi, John R. Edwards and Jingfang Ju
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 245-253
Published on 31 May 2007

An Architecture for Computer-Aided Detection and Radiologic Measurement of Lung Nodules in Clinical Trials
Matthew S. Brown, Richard Pais, Peiyuan Qing, Sumit Shah, Michael F. McNitt-Gray, Jonathan G. Goldin, Iva Petkovska, Lien Tran and Denise R. Aberle
Cancer Informatics 2007:4 25-31
Published on 12 May 2007

DICOM Structured Reporting and Cancer Clinical Trials Results
David A. Clunie
Cancer Informatics 2007:4 33-56
Published on 12 May 2007

Change Detection & Characterization: a New Tool for Imaging Informatics and Cancer Research
Julia W. Patriarche and Bradley J. Erickson
Cancer Informatics 2007:4 1-11
Published on 12 May 2007

Imaging in Clinical Trials
Bradley J Erickson and Jan C Buckner
Cancer Informatics 2007:4 13-18
Published on 12 May 2007

Image Registration Improves Confidence and Accuracy of Image Interpretation
Bradley J. Erickson, Julia Patriarche, Christopher Wood, Norbert Campeau, E. Paul Lindell, Vladimir Savcenko, Norman Arslanlar and Liqin Wang
Cancer Informatics 2007:4 19-24
Published on 12 May 2007

Statistical Issues and Analyses of in vivo and in vitro Genomic Data in order to Identify Clinically Relevant Profiles
Laila M. Poisson and Debashis Ghosh
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 231-243
Published on 10 May 2007

Development of Query Strategies to Identify a Histologic Lymphoma Subtype in a Large Linked Database System
Michael Graiser, Susan G. Moore, Rochelle Victor, Ashley Hilliard, Leroy Hill, Michael S. Keehan and Christopher R. Flowers
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 149-158
Published on 04 May 2007

Global Tumor RNA Expression in Early Establishment of Experimental Tumor Growth and Related Angiogenesis following Cox-Inhibition Evaluated by Microarray Analysis
Hans Axelsson, Christina Lönnroth, Marianne Andersson, Wenhua Wang and Kent Lundholm
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 125-139
Published on 01 May 2007

Cross-platform Analysis of Cancer Biomarkers: A Bayesian Network Approach to Incorporating Mass Spectrometry and Microarray Data
Xutao Deng, Huimin Geng and Hesham H. Ali
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 183-202
Published on 29 Apr 2007

The Roles of β²-Tubulin Mutations and Isotype Expression in Acquired Drug Resistance
J. Torin Huzil, Ke Chen, Lukasz Kurgan and Jack A. Tuszynski
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 159-181
Published on 27 Apr 2007

Cancer as a System Failure
Dennis Wigle and Igor Jurisica
Cancer Informatics 2007:5 10-18
Published on 03 Apr 2007

Application of Gene Shaving and Mixture Models to Cluster Microarray Gene Expression Data
K-A. Do, G.J. McLachlan, R. Bean and S. Wen
Cancer Informatics 2007:5 25-43
Published on 02 Apr 2007

Exploratory Visual Analysis of Statistical Results from Microarray Experiments Comparing High and Low Grade Glioma
David M. Reif, Mark A. Israel and Jason H. Moore
Cancer Informatics 2007:5 19-24
Published on 01 Apr 2007

Perturbation of Interaction Networks for Application to Cancer Therapy
Adrian P. Quayle, Asim S. Siddiqui and Steven J. M. Jones
Cancer Informatics 2007:5 45-65
Published on 01 Apr 2007

Advancing Cancer Systems Biology: Introducing the Center for the Development of a Virtual Tumor, CViT
Thomas S. Deisboeck, Le Zhang and Sean Martin
Cancer Informatics 2007:5 1-8
Published on 30 Mar 2007

Feature Selection for Predicting Tumor Metastases in Microarray Experiments using Paired Design
Qihua Tan, Mads Thomassen and Torben A. Kruse
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 213-218
Published on 20 Mar 2007

Comparison of Predicted Probabilities of Proportional Hazards Regression and Linear Discriminant Analysis Methods Using a Colorectal Cancer Molecular Biomarker Database
Sreelatha Meleth, Chakrapani Chatla, Venkat R. Katkoori, Billie Anderson, James M. Hardin, Nirag C. Jhala, Al Bartolucci, William E. Grizzle, Upender Manne
Cancer Informatics 2007:3 115-122
Published on 02 Mar 2007

Standards of Excellence and Open Questions in Cancer Biomarker Research: An Informatics Perspective
Dr James Lyons-Weiler
Cancer Informatics 2005:1 1-7
Published on 28 Feb 2007

Plasma Protein Profiles Differ Between Women Diagnosed with Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) 1 and 3
Chandrika J. Piyathilake, Denise K. Oelschlager, Sreelatha Meleth, Edward E. Partridge and William E. Grizzle
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 345-349
Published on 27 Feb 2007

Dedication: Sarah Amy Hill
Cancer Informatics 2005:1 8
Published on 27 Feb 2007

Cancer Informatics in the U.K.: The NCRI Informatics Initiative
Fiona Reddington, J. Max Wilkinson, Robin Clark, Helen Parkinson, Peter Kerr and Richard Begent
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 389-394
Published on 26 Feb 2007

Bias, Randomization, and Ovarian Proteomic Data: A Reply to "Producers and Consumers"
Keith A. Baggerly, Kevin R. Coombes, and Jeffrey S. Morris
Cancer Informatics 2005:1 9-14
Published on 26 Feb 2007

Application of a New Probabilistic Model for Mining Implicit Associated Cancer Genes from OMIM and Medline
Shanfeng Zhu, Yasushi Okuno, Gozoh Tsujimoto and Hiroshi Mamitsuka
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 361-371
Published on 25 Feb 2007

Design of Early Validation Trials of Biomarkers
Daniel Normolle, Mack T. Ruffin IV and Dean Brenner
Cancer Informatics 2005:1 25-31
Published on 25 Feb 2007

Detecting Outlier Microarray Arrays by Correlation and Percentage of Outliers Spots
Song Yang, Xiang Guo, Yaw-Ching Yang, Denise Papcunik, Caroline Heckman, Jeffrey Hooke, Craig D. Shriver, Michael N. Liebman and Hai Hu
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 351-360
Published on 24 Feb 2007

Proteomics: Analysis of Spectral Data
Harry B Burke
Cancer Informatics 2005:1 15-24
Published on 24 Feb 2007

An Empirical Study of Univariate and Genetic Algorithm-Based Feature Selection in Binary Classification with Microarray Data
Michael Lecocke and Kenneth Hess
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 313-327
Published on 23 Feb 2007

Characterising phase variations in MALDI-TOF data and correcting them by peak alignment
Simon M Lin, Richard P Haney, Michael J Campa, Michael C Fitzgerald and Edward F Patz, Jr.
Cancer Informatics 2005:1 32-40
Published on 23 Feb 2007

A Hybrid Approach for Biomarker Discovery from Microarray Gene Expression Data for Cancer Classification
Yanxiong Peng, Wenyuan Li and Ying Liu
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 301-311
Published on 22 Feb 2007

Impact of Freeze-thaw Cycles and Storage Time on Plasma Samples Used in Mass Spectrometry Based Biomarker Discovery Projects
Breeana L Mitchell, Yutaka Yasui, Christopher I Li, Annette L. Fitzpatrick, Paul D Lampe
Cancer Informatics 2005:1 98-104
Published on 22 Feb 2007

Integrative Analysis of Gene Expression Data Including an Assessment of Pathway Enrichment for Predicting Prostate Cancer
Pingzhao Hu, Celia M.T. Greenwood and Joseph Beyene
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 289-300
Published on 21 Feb 2007

Assessing the Statistical Significance of the Achieved Classification Error of Classifiers Constructed using Serum Peptide Profiles, and a Prescription for Random Sampling Repeated Studies for Massive High-Throughput Genomic and Proteomic Studies
James Lyons-Weiler, Richard Pelikan, Herbert J Zeh III, David C Whitcomb, David E Malehorne, William L Bigbeee, Milos Hauskrecht
Cancer Informatics 2005:1 53-77
Published on 21 Feb 2007

Heterogeneous Biomedical Database Integration Using a Hybrid Strategy: A p53 Cancer Research Database
Vadim Y. Bichutskiy, Richard Colman, Rainer K. Brachmann and Richard H. Lathrop
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 277-287
Published on 20 Feb 2007

Novel approaches to smoothing and comparing SELDI TOF spectra
Sreelatha Meleth, Isam-Eldin Eltoum, Liu Zhu, Denise Oelschlager, Chandrika Piyathilake, David Chhieng and William E. Grizzle
Cancer Informatics 2005:1 78-85
Published on 20 Feb 2007

Data Perturbation Independent Diagnosis and Validation of Breast Cancer Subtypes Using Clustering and Patterns
G. Alexe, G.S. Dalgin, R. Ramaswamy, C. DeLisi and G. Bhanot
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 243-274
Published on 19 Feb 2007

The Need for Review and Understanding of SELDI/MALDI Mass Spectroscopy Data Prior to Analysis
William E. Grizzle, O. John Semmes, William Bigbee, Liu Zhu, Gunjan Malik, Denise K Oelschlager, Barkha Manne, Upender Manne
Cancer Informatics 2005:1 86-97
Published on 19 Feb 2007

Construction and Clarification of Dynamic Gene Regulatory Network of Cancer Cell Cycle via Microarray Data
Cheng-Wei Li, Yung-Hsiang Chu and Bor-Sen Chen
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 223-241
Published on 18 Feb 2007

Understanding the characteristics of mass spectrometry data through the use of simulation
Kevin R. Coombes, John M. Koomen, Keith A. Baggerly, Jeffrey S. Morris, and Ryuji Kobayashi
Cancer Informatics 2005:1 41-52
Published on 18 Feb 2007

Tumor Growth Rate Approximation-Assisted Estimation
Lihua An, S. Ejaz Ahmed and Adnan Ali
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 214-221
Published on 17 Feb 2007

A mathematical model for the onset of avascular tumor growth in response to the loss of p53 function
Howard A. Levine, Michael W. Smiley, Anna L. Tucker and Marit Nilsen-Hamilton
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 163-188
Published on 17 Feb 2007

Ovarian Cancer Classification based on Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Sera
Baolin Wu, Tom Abbott, David Fishman, Walter McMurray, Gil Mor, Kathryn Stone, David Ward, Kenneth Williams, Hongyu Zhao
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 123-132
Published on 17 Feb 2007

On the Number of Close-to-Optimal Feature Sets
Edward R. Dougherty and Marcel Brun
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 189-196
Published on 16 Feb 2007

Challenges in the Analysis of Mass-Throughput Data: A Technical Commentary from the Statistical Machine Learning Perspective
Constantin F. Aliferis, Alexander Statnikov and Ioannis Tsamardinos
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 133-162
Published on 16 Feb 2007

Applying a 4D multiscale in vivo tumor growth model to the exploration of radiotherapy scheduling: The effects of weekend treatment gaps and p53 gene status on the response of fast growing solid tumors
Dimitra D. Dionysiou and Georgios S. Stamatakos
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 113-121
Published on 16 Feb 2007

Databases and QSAR for Cancer Research
Adeel Malik, Hemajit Singh, Munazah Andrabi, Syed Akhtar Husain and Shandar Ahmad
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 99-111
Published on 15 Feb 2007

Merging microarray data, robust feature selection, and predicting prognosis in prostate cancer
Jing Wang, Kim Anh Do, Sijin Wen, Spyros Tsavachidis, Timothy J. McDonnell, Christopher J. Logothetis and Kevin R. Coombes
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 87-97
Published on 14 Feb 2007

Spotlight on Cancer Informatics: Georgios S Stamatakos, PhD
Georgios S Stamatakos
Cancer Informatics 2006:2 83-86
Published on 13 Feb 2007

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