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Endorsed papers are selected by the editor in chief. Endorsements seek to highlight the examples of areas of research that provide insights into the past, current and future state of their field of research. They are in no way intended to reflect negatively on the quality of other articles.

Health, Climate Change and Sustainability: A Systematic Review and Thematic Analysis of the Literature
A. Nichols, V. Maynard, B. Goodman and J. Richardson
Environmental Health Insights 2009:3 63-88
Original Research | Published on 24 Aug 2009 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Bioremediation of Fluorophenols by Glycosylation with Immobilized Marine Microalga Amphidinium Crassum
Kei Shimoda and Hiroki Hamada
Environmental Health Insights 2010:4 87-91
Original Research | Published on 11 Nov 2010 | Editor in Chief endorsed | Highly accessed (previous month)

Thyroxine and Free Thyroxine Levels in Workers Occupationally Exposed to Inorganic Lead
Michael L. Bledsoe, Lynne E. Pinkerton, Sharon Silver, James A. Deddens and Raymond E. Biagini
Environmental Health Insights 2011:5 55-61
Original Research | Published on 14 Jun 2011 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Informational Odds Ratio: A Useful Measure of Epidemiologic Association in Environment Exposure Studies
Jimmy T. Efird, Suzanne Lea, Amanda Toland and Christopher J. Phillips
Environmental Health Insights 2012:6 17-25
Methodology | Published on 03 Apr 2012 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Mortality in the Bedouin Population and Proximity to a Regional Industrial Complex
Isabella Karakis, Arkady Bolotin, Ella Kordysh, Ilana Belmaker and Batia Sarov
Environmental Health Insights 2008:1 21-29

Published on 11 Aug 2008 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus Habitat Preferences in South Texas, USA
Samantha R. Champion and Christopher J. Vitek
Environmental Health Insights 2014:Suppl. 2 35-42
Review | Published on 04 Dec 2014 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Monitoring the Impacts of Wildfires on Forest Ecosystems and Public Health in the Exo-Urban Environment Using High-Resolution Satellite Aerosol Products from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS)
Amy K. Huff, Shobha Kondragunta, Hai Zhang and Raymond M. Hoff
Environmental Health Insights 2015:Suppl. 2 9-18
Review | Published on 07 Jun 2015 | Editor in Chief endorsed

A Performance Management Initiative for Local Health Department Vector Control Programs
Justin Gerding, Micaela Kirshy, John W. Moran, Ron Bialek, Vanessa Lamers and John Sarisky
Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 113-118
Perspective | Published on 11 Jul 2016 | Editor in Chief endorsed

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