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An international, peer reviewed, open access journal that focuses on improvement of healthcare services through analysis of their quality and effectiveness.  Recognizing the importance of the wider context of healthcare, the journal addresses issues such as demographics, access to services, quality of services, implementation problems, systems, economics and organizations involved as well as health policy and effects of change. 

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Public Health Implications of Household Pharmaceutical Waste in the United States
Kevin T. Bain
Health Services Insights 2010:3 21-36
Review | Published on 04 Aug 2010

A Comparison of the Long-term Health Related Quality of Life and Handicap of Stroke Patients in Mainland China and Hong Kong
Kwok T, Jin X, Yeung F, Cheng J, Lo RSK, Lam CLK, Yuan HJ and Woo J
Health Services Insights 2010:3 13-20
Original Research | Published on 17 Jun 2010

Opinions on Drug Interaction Sources in Anticancer Treatments and Parameters for an Oncology-Specific Database by Pharmacy Practitioners in Asia
Kevin Yi-Lwern Yap, Alexandre Chan, Wai Keung Chui, for the Onco-Informatics ( Group
Health Services Insights 2010:3 1-12
Rapid Communication | Published on 11 Feb 2010

Review of Omega-3 Fatty Acids for the Treatment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Jamie N. Brown and Nicole Panosh
Health Services Insights 2009:2 15-22
Review | Published on 24 Nov 2009

A Geographical Study of Health Services Utilization Among the Elderly in Hong Kong: From Spatial Variations to Health Care Implications
M. Wong, P.H. Chau, W. Goggins and J. Woo
Health Services Insights 2009:2 1-13

Original Research | Published on 09 Sep 2009

Inequalities in Infant Immunization Coverage in Bangladesh
Amal K Halderī€Ē and M Kabir
Health Services Insights 2008:1 5-11
Published on 10 Sep 2008

Open access and the Science of Perpetual Change: Developing an Integrative Perspective of Health Services Research
Jarold L Cosby
Health Services Insights 2008:1 1-3
Published on 28 Mar 2008

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