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Trisomy 8 Acute Myeloid Leukemia Analysis Reveals New Insights of DNA Methylome with Identification of HHEX as Potential Diagnostic Marker
Marwa H. Saied, Jacek Marzec, Sabah Khalid, Paul Smith, Gael Molloy and Bryan D. Young
Biomarkers in Cancer 2015:7 1-6
Short Report | Published on 29 Jan 2015

Deep Sequencing of Serum Small RNAs Identifies Patterns of 5' tRNA Half and YRNA Fragment Expression Associated with Breast Cancer
Joseph M. Dhahbi, Stephen R. Spindler, Hani Atamna, Dario Boffelli and David I.K. Martin
Biomarkers in Cancer 2014:6 37-47
Original Research | Published on 08 Dec 2014

Allele and Genotype Distributions of DNA Repair Gene Polymorphisms in South Indian Healthy Population
Katiboina Srinivasa Rao, Abialbon Paul, Annan Sudarsan Arun Kumar, Gurusamy Umamaheswaran, Biswajit Dubashi, Karunanithi Gunaseelan and Steven Aibor Dkhar
Biomarkers in Cancer 2014:6 29-35
Original Research | Published on 07 Dec 2014

A Standardized and Reproducible Urine Preparation Protocol for Cancer Biomarkers Discovery
Julia Beretov, Valerie C. Wasinger, Peter Schwartz, Peter H. Graham and Yong Li
Biomarkers in Cancer 2014:6 21-27
Methodology | Published on 03 Nov 2014

Biomarkers of HIV-associated Cancer
Brian Thabile Flepisi, Patrick Bouic, Gerhard Sissolak and Bernd Rosenkranz
Biomarkers in Cancer 2014:6 11-20
Review | Published on 03 Jul 2014

Differential Expression of Cysteine Dioxygenase 1 in Complex Karyotype Liposarcomas
Mohammed Shaker, Kara M. Pascarelli, Matthew J. Plantinga, Miles A. Love, Alexander J. Lazar, Davis R. Ingram, Margaret von Mehren, Dina Lev, David Kipling and Dominique Broccoli
Biomarkers in Cancer 2014:6 1-10
Original Research | Published on 06 Apr 2014

An Antibody-based Blood Test Utilizing a Panel of Biomarkers as a New Method for Improved Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Galit Yahalom, Daria Weiss, Ilya Novikov, Therese B. Bevers, Laszlo G. Radvanyi, Mei Liu, Benjamin Piura, Stefano Iacobelli, Maria T. Sandri, Enrico Cassano, Tanir M. Allweis, Arie Bitterman, Pnina Engelman, Luis M. Vence and Marvin M. Rosenberg
Biomarkers in Cancer 2013:5 71-80
Original Research | Published on 19 Nov 2013

Molecular Profiling for Breast Cancer: A Comprehensive Review
Muaiad Kittaneh, Alberto J. Montero and Stefan Glück
Biomarkers in Cancer 2013:5 61-70
Review | Published on 29 Oct 2013

Can Immunohistochemistry Serve as an Alternative to Subjective Histopathological Diagnosis of Oral Epithelial Dysplasia?
Ahmad A. AbdulMajeed and Camile S. Farah
Biomarkers in Cancer 2013:5 49-60
Review | Published on 10 Oct 2013

Susceptibility to Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Renal Transplant Recipients Associates with Genes Regulating Melanogenesis Independent of their Role in Pigmentation
Per A. Andresen, Dag A. Nymoen, Kristina Kjærheim, Torbjørn Leivestad and Per Helsing
Biomarkers in Cancer 2013:5 41-47
Original Research | Published on 07 Oct 2013

Circulating HER2 Extracellular Domain: A Specific and Quantitative Biomarker of Prognostic Value in all Breast Cancer Patients?
Walter P. Carney, Dirk Bernhardt and Bharat Jasani
Biomarkers in Cancer 2013:5 31-39
Review | Published on 12 Aug 2013

The Prognostic Value of the Apoptosis Pathway in Colorectal Cancer: A Review of the Literature on Biomarkers Identified by Immunohistochemistry
Eliane C.M. Zeestraten, Anne Benard, Marlies S. Reimers, Philip C. Schouten, Gerrit J. Liefers, Cornelis J.H. van de Velde and Peter J.K. Kuppen
Biomarkers in Cancer 2013:5 13-29
Review | Published on 04 Jul 2013

Use of Ber-EP4 and Epithelial Specific Antigen to Differentiate Clinical Simulators of Basal Cell Carcinoma
Bahar Dasgeb, Tarana M Mohammadi and Darius R Mehregan
Biomarkers in Cancer 2013:5 7-11
Original Research | Published on 25 Jun 2013

1-Hydroxypyrene Levels in Blood Samples of Rats After Exposure to Generator Fumes
Clinton Ifegwu, Miriam N. Igwo-Ezikpe, Chimezie Anyakora, Akinniyi Osuntoki, Kafayat A. Oseni and Eragbae O. Alao
Biomarkers in Cancer 2013:5 1-6
Original Research | Published on 07 Feb 2013

Potential Biomarkers in the Sera of Breast Cancer Patients from Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Faiz-ul-Hassan Nasim,, Samina Ejaz, Muhammad Ashraf, Abdul Rehman Asif, Michael Oellerich, Gulzar Ahmad, Gulzar Ahmad Malik and Attiq-ur-Rehman
Biomarkers in Cancer 2012:4 19-34
Original Research | Published on 10 Dec 2012

Urinary 1-Hydroxypyrene as a Biomarker to Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Exposure
Clinton Ifegwu, Kayode Osunjaye, Folasade Fashogbon, Kolawole Oke, Afolabi Adeniyi and Chimezie Anyakora
Biomarkers in Cancer 2012:4 7-17
Original Research | Published on 26 Sep 2012

Clinical and Biological Significance of Cathepsin D Levels in Breast Cancer Cytosol in Women Over 70 years
Alvaro Ruibal, Michel Herranz and José Ignacio Arias
Biomarkers in Cancer 2012:4 1-6
Short Report | Published on 08 May 2012

Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptide 5A1 (OATP5A1) in Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) Cells: Possible Involvement in Chemoresistance to Satraplatin
U. Olszewski-Hamilton, M. Svoboda, T. Thalhammer, V. Buxhofer-Ausch, K. Geissler and G. Hamilton
Biomarkers in Cancer 2011:3 31-40
Original Research | Published on 07 Jun 2011

Serum YKL-40 Levels in Patients with Gastric Cancer
Veyis Itik, Ozgur Kemik, Ahu Kemik, A. Cumhur Dulger, Aziz Sümer, Yasemin Usul Soyoral, Huseyin Begenik, Sevim Purisa and Cetin Kotan
Biomarkers in Cancer 2011:3 25-30
Original Research | Published on 04 May 2011

Serum N-Terminal Propeptide of Collagen Type I is Associated with the Number of Bone Metastases in Breast and Prostate Cancer and Correlates to Other Bone Related Markers
D.J. Leeming, M. Koizumi, P. Qvist, V. Barkholt, C. Zhang, K. Henriksen, I. Byrjalsen and M.A. Karsdal
Biomarkers in Cancer 2011:3 15-23
Original Research | Published on 03 Mar 2011

No Association Between Variant N-acetyltransferase Genes, Cigarette Smoking and Prostate Cancer Susceptibility Among Men of African Descent
La Creis Renee Kidd, Tiva T. VanCleave, Mark A. Doll, Daya S. Srivastava, Brandon Thacker, Oyeyemi Komolafe, Vasyl Pihur, Guy N. Brock and David W. Hein
Biomarkers in Cancer 2011:3 1-13
Original Research | Published on 03 Feb 2011

Circulating Natural IgM Antibodies Against Angiogenin in the Peripheral Blood Sera of Patients with Osteosarcoma as Candidate Biomarkers and Reporters of Tumorigenesis
Yulia A. Savitskaya, Genaro Rico, Luis Linares, Roberto González, René Téllez, Eréndira Estrada, Norma Marín, Elisa Martínez, Alfonso Alfaro and Clemente Ibarra
Biomarkers in Cancer 2010:2 65-78
Original Research | Published on 28 Nov 2010 | Highly accessed (previous month)

EGFR and hTERT Expression as a Diagnostic Approach for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer in High Risk Groups
Radostina Cherneva, Ognian Georgiev, Ivanka Dimova, Blaga Rukova, Danail Petrov and Draga Toncheva
Biomarkers in Cancer 2010:2 57-63
Original Research | Published on 08 Apr 2010

Identification of Gene Networks Associated with Acute Myeloid Leukemia by Comparative Molecular Methylation and Expression Profiling
Margaret Dellett, Kathleen Ann O’Hagan, Hilary Ann Alexandra Colyer and Ken I. Mills
Biomarkers in Cancer 2010:2 43-55  
Original Research | Published on 17 Mar 2010

A Novel Strategy for Mechanism Based Computational Drug Discovery
Kalyaanamoorthy Subha, Gopal Ramesh Kumar, Rajasekaran Rajalakshmi and Ganesan Aravindhan
Biomarkers in Cancer 2010:2 35-42
Original Research | Published on 10 Mar 2010

Promoter Methylation in Prostate Cancer and its Application for the Early Detection of Prostate Cancer Using Serum and Urine Samples
Hafiz Ahmed
Biomarkers in Cancer 2010:2 17-33
Review | Published on 18 Feb 2010

Identification of Gene Expression Signature in Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Carcinoma
Arvind D. Thakkar, Hemanth Raj, Debarshi Chakrabarti, Ravishankar, N. Saravanan, Bhaskaran Muthuvelan, Arun Balakrishnan and Muralidhara Padigaru
Biomarkers in Cancer 2010:2 1-15
Original Research | Published on 11 Feb 2010

Introductory Editorial (Biomarkers in Cancer)
Barbara Guinn
Biomarkers in Cancer 2009:1 1
Editorial | Published on 21 Apr 2009

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