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An international, peer reviewed, open access journal that aims to provide a dissemination point for high-quality research on clinical medicine with a focus on Japan.  The journal aims to recognize both the challenges faced by authors in Japan in finding high-quality outlets for their work, and the valuable insights that research carried out in Japan offers to international readers.  It is focused on but not limited to authors working in Japan, although manuscripts by authors not working in Japan must demonstrate relevance to Japan. 

Editor in Chief: Professor Yasuo Ito

ISSN: 1179-6707

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A Case of Transient ACTH Deficiency Associated with Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Hitoo Nishi, Yuichi Nishi,, Masato Yagita, Yoshiko Tamaru, Sadayuki Matsumoto and Hiroyuki Koshiyama,
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2010:1 25-27
Case report | Published on 19 Dec 2010

Is it Possible to Extirpate Cardiovascular Events in Primary Aldosteronism after Surgical Treatment
Tetsuo Nishikawa, Yoko Matsuzawa, Jun Saito and Masao Omur
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2010:1 21-23
Editorial | Published on 30 Nov 2010

Novel Isoforms of Periostin Expressed in the Human Thyroid
Yanhua Bai, Misa Nakamura, Gengyin Zhou, Yaqiong Li, Zhiyan Liu, Takashi Ozaki, Ichiro Mori and Kennichi Kakudo
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2010:1 13-20
Original Research | Published on 03 Nov 2010

Species-Specific Actions of Incretin: From the Evolutionary Perspective
Yukiko Kawasaki, Yoshiyuki Hamamoto and Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2010:1 5-11
Short Review | Published on 19 Oct 2010

Low-Grade Inflammation as Trade-Off Causing Chronic Complex Diseases
Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2010:1 3-4
Editorial | Published on 15 Sep 2010

Introductory Editorial (Japanese Clinical Medicine)
Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine, 2010:1,1-2
Editorial | Published on 04 Aug 2010

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