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Post-Exercise Ankle-Brachial Pressure Index Demonstrates Altered Endothelial Function in the Elderly
Shinji Sato, Kozue Masami, Shingo Otsuki, Shiro Tanaka, Noriko Nakayama, Shigeru Makita, Hiroyuki Koshiyama and Ryuji Nohara
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2011:2 21-24
Original Research | Published on 07 Jun 2011

Smoking Counteracts the Favorable Effect of Exercise Training on Endothelial Function in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Shinji Sato, Noriko Nakayama, Shingo Otsuki, Shiro Tanaka, Hajime Nakamura, Hiroyuki Koshiyama and Ryuji Nohara
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2013:4 15-19
Original Research | Published on 09 Apr 2013

Low-Grade Inflammation as Trade-Off Causing Chronic Complex Diseases
Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2010:1 3-4
Editorial | Published on 15 Sep 2010

Introductory Editorial (Japanese Clinical Medicine)
Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine, 2010:1,1-2
Editorial | Published on 04 Aug 2010

A Case of Transient ACTH Deficiency Associated with Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Hitoo Nishi, Yuichi Nishi,, Masato Yagita, Yoshiko Tamaru, Sadayuki Matsumoto and Hiroyuki Koshiyama,
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2010:1 25-27
Case report | Published on 19 Dec 2010

Ultrasound Guided Obturator Versus Sciatic Nerve Block in Addition to Continuous Femoral Nerve Block for Analgesia After Total Knee Arthroplasty
Keita Sato, Seijyu Sai, Naoto Shirai and Takehiko Adachi
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2011:2 29-34
Original Research | Published on 11 Jul 2011 | Highly accessed (previous month)

Combination Therapy with a Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitor, Sulfonylurea, and Metformin Markedly Improves HbA1c Levels in Japanese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Koichi Hirao, Hajime Maeda, Shin-ichiro Shirabe, Ritsuko Yamamoto, Tetsuyuki Hirao, Setsuko Hirao, Mikio Yamauchi and Keiko Arai,
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2012:3 1-7
Case report | Published on 16 Feb 2012

Further Possible Mechanisms of Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitors to Decrease Blood Glucose in Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes
Hiroyuki Koshiyama,
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2011:2 67-69
Perspective | Published on 31 Oct 2011

A Case-Control Study of Esomeprazole Plus Rebamipide vs. Omeprazole Plus Rebamipide on Post-ESD Gastric Ulcers
Maki Bunno, Kyosuke Gouda, Kunihiro Yamahara and Masanori Kawaguchi
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2013:4 7-13
Original Research | Published on 06 Mar 2013

Introduction of New Laryngeal Closure Methods for Patients with Intractable Aspiration
Masaru Tateda, Tetsuya Yokoyama, Atsuhiro Mizukawa and Hiroaki Sato
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2011:2 53-55
Short Report | Published on 04 Sep 2011

Lymphocytic Panhypophysitis: its Clinical Features in Japanese Cases
Yoshiharu Wada, Yoshiyuki Hamamoto, Yoshio Nakamura, Sachiko Honjo, Yukiko Kawasaki, Hiroki Ikeda, Jun Takahashi, Yoshiaki Yuba, Akira Shimatsu and Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2011:2 15-20
Case report | Published on 25 May 2011

Species-Specific Actions of Incretin: From the Evolutionary Perspective
Yukiko Kawasaki, Yoshiyuki Hamamoto and Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2010:1 5-11
Short Review | Published on 19 Oct 2010

Novel Isoforms of Periostin Expressed in the Human Thyroid
Yanhua Bai, Misa Nakamura, Gengyin Zhou, Yaqiong Li, Zhiyan Liu, Takashi Ozaki, Ichiro Mori and Kennichi Kakudo
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2010:1 13-20
Original Research | Published on 03 Nov 2010

Time and Costs of Insulin Treatment in the Care of Newly Registered Type 2 Diabetes Patients in Diabetes Clinics Across Japan (JDDM 22)
Mariko Oishi, Hiroki Yokoyama, Nobuyuki Abe, Kouichi Iwasaki, Fuminobu Okuguchi, Koichi Kawai, Hidekatsu Sugimto, Hiroshi Takamura, Hiroshi Takeda, Kunihiro Doi, Kouichi Hirao and Shunya Ikeda
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2011:2 43-51
Original Research | Published on 28 Aug 2011

ROADMAP and ORIENTAL Trials: the Re-emergence of J-Curve Ghost?
Yoshiyuki Hamamoto and Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2011:2 25-28
Editorial | Published on 19 Jun 2011

Additional Treatment with Fenofibrate for Patients Treated with Pitavastatin Under Ordinary Medical Practice for Hypertriglyceridemia in Japan (APPROACH-J Study)
Yasushi Wakida, Satoshi Suzuki,, Hirohiko Nomura,, on behalf of APPROACH-J Investigators and Tatsuya Isomura
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2011:2 57-66
Original Research | Published on 19 Sep 2011

Pathological Findings in a Case of Failed Uterine Artery Embolization for Placenta Previa
Natsuko Wada, Daisuke Tachibana, Kayoko Nakagawa, Hiroyuki Terada, Akemi Nakano, Toshiyuki Sumi, Masayasu Koyama, Osamu Ishiko and Norifumi Nishida
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2013:4 25-28
Case report | Published on 14 Apr 2013

Estimation of Duration of Symptoms in Fulminant Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Using HbA1c or Glycated Albumin
Akitsu Kawabe, Takashi Seta, Sumie Fujii, Masayo Yamada, Shogo Oki, Jun Murai, Hiroshi Saito and Masafumi Koga
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2012:3 15-20
Original Research | Published on 21 May 2012

Improvement of Quality of Life (QOL) in Osteoporotic Patients by Elcatonin Treatment: A Trial Taking the Participants' Preference into Account
K. Yoh, T. Uzawa, T. Orito and K. Tanaka
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2012:3 9-14
Original Research | Published on 18 Apr 2012

Identification of the First Japanese Family Harboring a Novel Hemoglobin Variant “Perpignan”, Which Caused Low HbA1c Measurement During Diabetic Follow-Up
Mami Nakamura, Ayako Miyazaki, Takayuki Takubo, Yoko Matsuzawa, Jun Saito, Masao Omura and Tetsuo Nishikawa
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2011:2 1-7
Case report | Published on 02 Feb 2011

Presentation of a Patient who Underwent Fertility-Sparing Surgeries for Contralateral Recurrence of Ovarian Immature Teratoma with Gliomatosis Peritonei
Saori Seo, Yoshinari Matsumoto, Miho Tsukioka, Toshiyuki Sumi, Kenichi Wakasa and Osamu Ishiko
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2013:4 37-40
Case report | Published on 06 May 2013

Identification of Autoantibodies for α and γ—Enolase in Serum from a Patient with Melanoma
Yui Hiura, Toyofumi Nakanishi, Miki Tanioka, Takayuki Takubo and Shinichi Moriwaki
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2011:2 35-41
Original Research | Published on 17 Jul 2011

Hereditary Disorders with Defective Repair of UV-Induced DNA Damage
Shinichi Moriwaki
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2013:4 29-35
Review | Published on 16 Apr 2013

Multi-Component Structure of Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire (RDQ), a Lumbago-Specific QOL (Quality of Life) Measure
K. Yoh, M. Yoshizawa, A. Kuwabara, and K. Tanaka
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2011:2 9-14
Original Research | Published on 14 Mar 2011

Explanation of the Insulin Paradox From the Evolutionary Point of View
Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2012:3 21-24
Perspective | Published on 17 Sep 2012

Pregnancy Complicated by Cervical Varix and Low-Lying Placenta: A Case Report
Yasushi Kurihara, Daisuke Tachibana, Masatomo Teramae, Makiko Matsumoto, Hiroyuki Terada, Toshiyuki Sumi, Masayasu Koyama and Osamu Ishiko
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2013:4 21-24
Case report | Published on 09 Apr 2013

Is it Possible to Extirpate Cardiovascular Events in Primary Aldosteronism after Surgical Treatment
Tetsuo Nishikawa, Yoko Matsuzawa, Jun Saito and Masao Omur
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2010:1 21-23
Editorial | Published on 30 Nov 2010

Alkalizer Administration Improves Renal Function in Hyperuricemia Associated with Obesity
Jun Saito, Yoko Matsuzawa, Hiroko Ito, Masao Omura, Tomoshige Kino and Tetsuo Nishikawa
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2013:4 1–6
Original Research | Published on 03 Feb 2013

The Eradication of Helicobacter pylori does not Affect Glycemic Control in Japanese Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes
Yoshiharu Wada, Yoshiyuki Hamamoto, Yukiko Kawasaki, Sachiko Honjo, Kanta Fujimoto, Hisato Tatsuoka, Atsuko Matsuoka, Hiroki Ikeda, Jun Fujikawa and Hiroyuki Koshiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2013:4 41-43
Original Research | Published on 15 May 2013

Patients’ Perception on the Nutritional Therapy for Diabetic Nephropathy
Kenichiro Shide, Yuka Takada, Asuka Nakashima, Hidemi Tsuji, Keiko Wada, Akiko Kuwabara, Kiyoshi Tanaka and Nobuya Inagaki
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2014:5 9-13
Original Research | Published on 28 Apr 2014

Association Between Lung Function and Metabolic Syndrome Independent of Insulin in Japanese Men and Women
Yayoi Yamamoto, Junko Oya, Tomoko Nakagami and Yasuko Uchigata
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2014:5 1-8
Original Research | Published on 24 Mar 2014

Liraglutide Versus Sitagliptin in a 24-week, Multicenter, Open-label, Randomized, Parallel-group Study in Japanese Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients Responding Inadequately to a Sulfonylurea and/or One or Two Other Oral Antidiabetic Drugs (JDDM 33)
Hiroki Yokoyama, Koichi Hirao, Kohei Yamaguchi, Mariko Oishi, Gendai Lee, Noriharu Yagi, Hiroshi Takamura, Atsunori Kashiwagi and on behalf of the Japan Diabetes Clinical Data Management Study Group
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2014:5 33-41
Original Research | Published on 17 Sep 2014

A Case of Giant Osteoma in the Middle Turbinate of a Child
Minoru Endo, Kiyoaki Tsukahara, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Ray Motohashi and Mamoru Suzuki
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2014:5 15-18
Case report | Published on 08 Jun 2014

Neurological Toxicity in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients Treated with Modified FOLFOX6 Plus Bevacizumab
Satoshi Otsu, Yoshinori Hirashima, Kazuo Nishikawa, Hiroyuki Sakashita, Ryotaro Morinaga, Koichiro Watanabe and Kuniaki Shirao
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2014:5 19-23
Original Research | Published on 12 Aug 2014

Functioning Endometrium and Endometrioma in a Patient with Mayer-Rokitanski-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome
Yasushi Kawano, Tomoko Hirakawa, Masakazu Nishida, Akitoshi Yuge, Mitsutake Yano, Kaei Nasu and Hisashi Narahara
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2014:5 43-45
Case report | Published on 25 Sep 2014

Dynamic Change in Cells Expressing IL-1β in Rat Hippocampus after Status Epilepticus
Satoru Sakuma, Daisuke Tokuhara, Hiroshi Otsubo, Tsunekazu Yamano and Haruo Shintaku
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2014:5 25-32
Original Research | Published on 13 Aug 2014

Prospective Randomized Trial on Postoperative Administration of Diet Containing Eicosapentaenoic Acid, Docosahexaenoic Acid, Gamma-linolenic Acid, and Antioxidants in Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Patients with Free-flap Reconstruction
Kiyoaki Tsukahara, Ray Motohashi, Hiroki Sato, Minoru Endo, Yuri Ueda and Kazuhiro Nakamura
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2014:5 47-54
Original Research | Published on 16 Oct 2014

A Case of Fetal Intestinal Volvulus Without Malrotation Causing Severe Anemia
Tomoko Nakagawa, Daisuke Tachibana, Kohei Kitada, Yasushi Kurihara, Hiroyuki Terada, Masayasu Koyama, Yukari Sakae, Yoshiki Morotomi, Shiho Nomura and Mika Saito
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2015:6 1-3
Case report | Published on 05 Jan 2015

Treatment of Myasthenia Gravis in Patients with Elderly Onset at Advanced Age
Noriko Nishikawa, Masahiro Nagai, Tomoaki Tsujii, Win T. Kyaw, Nachi Tanabe, Hirotaka Iwaki, Hayato Yabe, Rina Ando and Masahiro Nomoto
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2015:6 9-13
Case report | Published on 23 Jul 2015

Successful Prednisolone Therapy in Elderly Patients with Severe Forms of Henoch–Schönlein Purpura Nephritis
Saiko Kato-Okada, Hiromichi Suzuki, Tsutomu Inoue, Tomohiro Kikuta and Hirokazu Okada
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2015:6 5-7
Original Research | Published on 06 Apr 2015

Analyzing the Factors Contributing to Withdrawal from Insulin Therapy Following Additional Administration of Alogliptin: Retrospective Study after Removing Glucotoxicity with Insulin
Hiromi Hamamoto, Koji Nakanishi and Mitsuhiko Noda
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2015:6 15-20
Original Research | Published on 20 Sep 2015

Serum Biopterin and Neopterin Levels as Predictors of Empty Follicles
Akihiro Hamuro, Daisuke Tachibana, Takuya Misugi, Hiroko Katayama, Koji Ozaki, Yuji Fujino, Nakamura Yoshihiro, Haruo Shintaku and Masayasu Koyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2015:6 29-34
Original Research | Published on 02 Nov 2015

Beta-Adrenergic Blockade Therapy for Autonomic Dysfunction is Less Effective for Elderly Patients with Heart Failure and Reduced Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction
Ken Shimamoto and Masatoshi Kawana
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2015:6 21-27
Original Research | Published on 11 Oct 2015

Sustained Decrease of Early-Phase Insulin Secretion in Japanese Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Who Developed Impaired Glucose Tolerance and Impaired Fasting Glucose Postpartum
Hiroko Katayama, Daisuke Tachibana, Akihiro Hamuro, Takuya Misugi, Koka Motoyama, Tomoaki Morioka, Shinya Fukumoto, Masanori Emoto, Masaaki Inaba and Masayasu Koyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2015:6 35-39
Original Research | Published on 09 Dec 2015

Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Patients with Abnormal Glucose Tolerance during Pregnancy: A Case Series
Mie Tonoike, Miyako Kishimoto, Mayumi Yamamoto, Tetsu Yano and Mitsuhiko Noda
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2016:7 1-8
Case report | Published on 24 Feb 2016

Familial Dysalbuminemic Hyperthyroxinemia in a Japanese Man Caused by a Point Albumin Gene Mutation (R218P)
Yoshinori Osaki, Yoshitaka Hayashi, Yoshinori Nakagawa, Katsumi Yoshida, Hiroshi Ozaki and Hiroshi Fukazawa
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2016:7 9-13
Case report | Published on 04 Apr 2016

Perinatal Outcomes of Monochorionic-Diamniotic Twin Pregnancies Uncomplicated at 28 Weeks of Gestation
Shunji Suzuki
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2016:7 15-17
Original Research | Published on 22 May 2016

A Patient-Held Medical Record Integrating Depression Care into Diabetes Care
Noriko Satoh-Asahara, Hiroto Ito, Tomoyuki Akashi, Hajime Yamakage, Kazuhiko Kotani, Daisuke Nagata, Kazuyuki Nakagome and Mitsuhiko Noda
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2016:7 19-22
Original Research | Published on 18 Jul 2016

Predominant Corticospinal Tract Involvement in a Late Infant with Krabbe Disease
Ayumi Yoshimura, Tetsuya Kibe, Kaori Irahara, Norio Sakai and Kenji Yokochi
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2016:7 23-26
Case report | Published on 18 Sep 2016

KRAS Mutation as a Potential Prognostic Biomarker of Biliary Tract Cancers
Masaaki Yokoyama, Hiroaki Ohnishi, Kouki Ohtsuka, Satsuki Matsushima, Yasuo Ohkura, Junji Furuse, Takashi Watanabe, Toshiyuki Mori and Masanori Sugiyama
Japanese Clinical Medicine 2016:7 33-39
Original Research | Published on 13 Dec 2016

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