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An international, peer reviewed, open access journal that focuses on computational methods used in the analysis and annotation of structures, in additional to other areas of computational biology.  The journal also seeks to place computational biology within the broader context of biology.

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Journal supplements present the latest papers by scholars working in leading international institutions. Each supplement is developed by guest editors based on topics of high contemporary relevance. Where indicated further papers will be added upon publication.
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Supplement 15 Nov 2016

Current Developments in Domestic Animal Bioinformatics

Guest Editors:

Dr Massimo Bionaz, Dr Anna Kukekova, Dr Juan J Loor, Dr Jennifer Thomson
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Current Developments in Machine Learning Techniques in Biological Data Mining

Guest Editors:

Dr Indra Adrianto, Dr Ghalib Bello, Dr Mikhail Dozmorov, Dr Gerard Dumancas
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Supplement 16 May 2016

Current Developments in RNA Sequence Analysis

Guest Editors:

Dr Jianping Zhang, Dr Bo Wang, Dr Cuncong Zhong, Dr Jie Wu, Dr Shaolei Teng
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Current Developments in Veterinary Bioinformatics

Guest Editors:

Dr Palaniappan Ramanathan, Dr Mehar Khatkar, Dr Devendra Kumar Rai, Dr S. Kanagarajadurai, Dr Sheela Ramamoorthy
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