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Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that focuses on all aspects of cancer research and treatment, in addition to related genetic, pathophysiological and epidemiological topics. Of particular but not exclusive importance are molecular biology, clinical interventions, controlled trials, therapeutics, pharmacology and drug delivery, and techniques of cancer surgery. The journal welcomes unsolicited article proposals. All articles are listed on PubMed and are freely available via PubMed Central.

Editor in Chief: Dr. William Chi-shing Cho

ISSN: 1179-5549

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Endorsed papers are selected by the editor in chief. Endorsements seek to highlight the examples of areas of research that provide insights into the past, current and future state of their field of research. They are in no way intended to reflect negatively on the quality of other articles.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Focus on Novel Therapeutic Strategies
Tara L. Lin and M. Yair Levy
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2012:6 205-217
Review | Published on 16 May 2012 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Inhibitors of Glioma Growth that Reveal the Tumour to the Immune System
Manuel Nieto-Sampedro, Beatriz Valle-Argos, Diego Gómez-Nicola, Alfonso Fernández-Mayoralas and Manuel Nieto-Díaz
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2011:5 265-314
Review | Published on 21 Sep 2011 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Trastuzumab for HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer: Clinical and Economic Considerations
Alwin Jeyakumar and Tallal Younis
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2012:6 179-187
Review | Published on 03 Apr 2012 | Editor in Chief endorsed

State-of-the-Art Management of Patients Suffering from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Ruth Clifford and Anna Schuh
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2012:6 165-178
Review | Published on 19 Mar 2012 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer Enters Its Golden Age
Sosipatros A. Boikos and Emmanuel S. Antonarakis
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2012:6 263-273
Review | Published on 10 Jul 2012 | Editor in Chief endorsed | Highly accessed (previous month)

Moving on up: Second-Line Agents as Initial Treatment for Newly-Diagnosed Patients with Chronic Phase CML
Marie P. Shieh, Masato Mitsuhashi and Michael Lilly
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2011:5 185-199
Review | Published on 23 Jun 2011 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Emerging Options for the Management of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Daniel Binder and Karin Hegenbarth
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2013:7 221-234
Review | Published on 21 Aug 2013 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in the Treatment of Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma: Focus on Pazopanib
Naveen S. Vasudev and James M.G. Larkin
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2011:5 333-342
Review | Published on 31 Oct 2011 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Management Options in Advanced Prostate Cancer: What is the Role for Sipuleucel-T?
Rhonda L. Bitting, Andrew J. Armstrong, and Daniel J. George
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2011:5 325-332
Consise Review | Published on 20 Oct 2011 | Editor in Chief endorsed

Targeted Therapies in the Treatment of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Zhengyu Wei, Cataldo Doria, and Yuan Liu
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2013:7 87-102
Review | Published on 20 May 2013 | Editor in Chief endorsed

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