Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research

Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that covers all aspects of research and treatment of breast cancer. The journal aims to promote understanding of breast cancer biology and pathogenesis, clinical interventions, and epidemiology and population genetics. The journal welcomes unsolicited article proposals. All articles are listed on PubMed and are freely available via PubMed Central.

Editor in Chief: Dr. Goberdhan P. Dimri

ISSN: 1178-2234

Processing Speed: High quality, constructive peer review and rapid editorial decision within an average of four weeks.

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Journal supplements present the latest papers by scholars working in leading international institutions. Each supplement is developed by guest editors based on topics of high contemporary relevance. Where indicated further papers will be added upon publication.
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Breast Cancer Detection and Screening

Guest Editors:

Dr Ping Mu, Dr Huan Wang
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Targeted Therapies in Breast Cancer Treatment

Guest Editors:

Dr Shweta Sharma, Dr Pranela Rameshwar, Dr Hussaini Syed-Sha-Qhattal
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