Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports

An international, peer reviewed, open access journal that focuses on case reports that advance medical knowledge.  Of particular but not exclusive interest are case reports in the areas of arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders, cardiology, circulatory, respiratory and pulmonary medicine, dermatology, ear, nose and throat and otolaryngology, endocrinology, ethics, health services and  epidemiology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, reproduction, women’s health, oncology, pathology, psychiatry, neurology, psychology, and trauma and intensive medicine.

Editor in Chief: Professor Hussein D. Foda

ISSN: 1179-5476

Processing Speed: High quality, constructive peer review and rapid editorial decision within an average of four weeks.

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A Case of Ivermectin Induced Warfarin Toxicity: A Teachable Moment

Recurrence and severe worsening of hepatotoxicity after reintroduction of atorvastatin in combination with ezetimibe.

Noncanonical adult human neurogenesis and axonal growth as possible structural basis of recovery from traumatic vegetative state.

Delayed onset of isolated unilateral oculomotor nerve palsy caused by post-traumatic pituitary apoplexy: a case report

Pleuroperitoneal communication and ovarian cancer complicating peritoneal dialysis: A case report of a patient with end-stage kidney disease

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