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Performance of Hidden Markov Models in Recovering the Standard Classification of Glycoside Hydrolases
Mariana Fonseca. Rossi, Beatriz. Mello, Carlos G. Schrago
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2017:13 1176934317703401
Original Research | Published on 20 Apr 2017

Free-Living Enterobacterium 24613: Complete Genome Sequence and Metabolic Profiling
Kateřina. Snopková, Karel. Sedlář, Juraj. Bosák, Eva. Chaloupková, Ivo. Sedláček, Ivo. Provazník, David. Šmajs
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2017:13 1176934317700863
Original Research | Published on 30 Mar 2017

A New Hybrid MGBPSO-GSA Variant for Improving Function Optimization Solution in Search Space
Narinder. Singh, Sharandeep. Singh, S B. Singh
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2017:13 1176934317699855
Original Research | Published on 22 Mar 2017

Numericware i: Identical by State Matrix Calculator
Bongsong. Kim, William D. Beavis
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2017:13 1176934316688663
Software or database review | Published on 10 Mar 2017

Simulation-Based Evaluation of Hybridization Network Reconstruction Methods in the Presence of Incomplete Lineage Sorting
Olga K. Kamneva, Noah A. Rosenberg
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2017:13 1176934317691935
Original Research | Published on 10 Mar 2017

A Method to Categorize 2-Dimensional Patterns Using Statistics of Spatial Organization
Juan. López-Sauceda, Mara D. Rueda-Contreras
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2017:13 1176934317697978
Original Research | Published on 10 Mar 2017

Discovery and Characterisation of Castlerea Virus, a New Species of Isolated in Australia
Caitlin A. O’Brien, Breeanna J. McLean, Agathe M G. Colmant, Jessica J. Harrison, Sonja. Hall-Mendelin, Andrew F. van den Hurk, Cheryl A. Johansen, Daniel. Watterson, Helle. Bielefeldt-Ohmann, Natalee D. Newton, Benjamin L. Schulz, Roy A. Hall, Jody. Hobson-Peters
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2017:13 1176934317691269
Original Research | Published on 23 Feb 2017

The Transposon Provides Messages That Yield Unique Profiles of Protein Isoforms and Acts Synergistically With to Enrich Proteome Complexity via Exonization
Yuh-Chyang. Charng, Lung-Hsin. Hsu, Li-yu Daisy. Liu
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2017:13 1176934317690410
Original Research | Published on 23 Feb 2017

The Use of Next-Generation Sequencing in the Identification of a Fastidious Pathogen: A Lesson From a Clinical Setup
Amr TM. Saeb, Mohamed. Abouelhoda, Manojkumar. Selvaraju, Sahar I. Althawadi, Maysoon. Mutabagani, Mohammad. Adil, Abdullah. Al Hokail, Hamsa T. Tayeb
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2017:12 1176934316686072
Original Research | Published on 03 Feb 2017

Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2017:13 1176934316688670
Editorial | Published on 30 Jan 2017

Commensal Viruses of Mosquitoes: Host Restriction, Transmission, and Interaction with Arboviral Pathogens
Roy A. Hall, Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann, Breeanna J. McLean, Caitlin A. O'Brien, Agathe M.G. Colmant, Thisun B.H. Piyasena, Jessica J. Harrison, Natalee D. Newton, Ross T. Barnard, Natalie A. Prow, Joshua M. Deerain, Marcus G.K.Y. Mah, and Jody Hobson-Peters
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:Suppl. 2 35-44
Review | Published on 10 Jan 2017

Prefiltering Model for Homology Detection Algorithms on GPU
Germán Retamosa, Luis de Pedro, Ivan González and Javier Tamames
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 313-322
Original Research | Published on 18 Dec 2016

Current Bacterial Gene Encoding Capsule Biosynthesis Protein CapI Contains Nucleotides Derived from Exonization
Yong Wang, Xia-Fang Tao, Zhi-Xi Su, A-Ke Liu, Tian-Lei Liu, Ling Sun, Qin Yao, Ke-Ping Chen and Xun Gu
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 303-312
Short Report | Published on 12 Dec 2016

Support Vector Machines Trained with Evolutionary Algorithms Employing Kernel Adatron for Large Scale Classification of Protein Structures
Nancy Arana-Daniel, Alberto A. Gallegos, Carlos López-Franco, Alma Y. Alanís, Jacob Morales and Adriana López-Franco
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 285-302
Original Research | Published on 04 Dec 2016

EvalMSA: A Program to Evaluate Multiple Sequence Alignments and Detect Outliers
Alvaro Chiner-Oms and Fernando González-Candelas
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 277-284
Original Research | Published on 28 Nov 2016

A Comparative In Silico Study of the Antioxidant Defense Gene Repertoire of Distinct Lifestyle Trypanosomatid Species
Ingrid Thaís Beltrame-Botelho, Carlos Talavera-López, Björn Andersson, Edmundo Carlos Grisard and Patricia Hermes Stoco
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 263-275
Original Research | Published on 07 Nov 2016

A Multilayered Screening Method for the Identification of Regulatory Genes in Rice by Agronomic Traits
Young-Joo Seol, So Youn Won, Younhee Shin, Jong-Yeol Lee, Jong-Sik Chun, Yong-Kab Kim and Chang-Kug Kim
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 253-262
Original Research | Published on 02 Nov 2016

A Bioinformatics Approach for Detecting Repetitive Nested Motifs using Pattern Matching
José R. Romero, Jessica A. Carballido, Ingrid Garbus, Viviana C. Echenique and Ignacio Ponzoni
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 247-251
Original Research | Published on 30 Oct 2016

IBBOMSA: An Improved Biogeography-based Approach for Multiple Sequence Alignment
Rohit Kumar Yadav and Haider Banka
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 237-246
Original Research | Published on 27 Oct 2016

Comparative Genomics of Amphibian-like Ranaviruses, Nucleocytoplasmic Large DNA Viruses of Poikilotherms
Stephen J. Price
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2015:Suppl. 2 71-82
Original Research | Published on 25 Oct 2016

A Novel Method for Alignment-free DNA Sequence Similarity Analysis Based on the Characterization of Complex Networks
Jie Zhou, Pianyu Zhong and Tinghui Zhang
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 229-235
Original Research | Published on 06 Oct 2016

Approaching Long Genomic Regions and Large Recombination Rates with msParSm as an Alternative to MaCS
Carlos Montemuiño, Antonio Espinosa, Juan C. Moure, Gonzalo Vera, Porfidio Hernández and Sebastián Ramos-Onsins
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 223-228
Software or database review | Published on 02 Oct 2016

Genomics Study of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains from Different Ethnic Populations in Taiwan
Horng-Yunn Dou, Yih-Yuan Chen, Ying-Tsong Chen, Jia-Ru Chang, Chien-Hsing Lin, Keh-Ming Wu, Ming-Shian Lin, Ih-Jen Su and Shih-Feng Tsai
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 213-221
Original Research | Published on 27 Sep 2016

Virus Discovery Using Tick Cell Lines
Lesley Bell-Sakyi and Houssam Attoui
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:Suppl. 2 31-34
Short Commentary | Published on 15 Sep 2016

Archival Collections are Important in the Study of the Biology, Diversity, and Evolution of Arboviruses
Alyssa T. Pyke and David Warrilow
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:Suppl. 2 27-30
Commentary | Published on 14 Sep 2016

Revisiting Myosin Families Through Large-scale Sequence Searches Leads to the Discovery of New Myosins
Shaik Naseer Pasha, Iyer Meenakshi and Ramanathan Sowdhamini
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 201-211
Original Research | Published on 29 Aug 2016

MultiSyn: A Webtool for Multiple Synteny Detection and Visualization of User’s Sequence of Interest Compared to Public Plant Species
Jeong-Ho Baek, Junah Kim, Chang-Kug Kim, Seong-Han Sohn, Dongsu Choi, Milind B. Ratnaparkhe, Do-Wan Kim and Tae-Ho Lee
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 193-199
Original Research | Published on 28 Aug 2016

Molecular Evolution of the Yersinia Major Outer Membrane Protein C (OmpC)
Anna M. Stenkova, Evgeniya P. Bystritskaya, Konstantin V. Guzev, Alexander V. Rakin and Marina P. Isaeva
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 185-191
Original Research | Published on 21 Aug 2016

Comparative Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Substantial Tissue Specificity in Human Aortic Valve
Jun Wang, Ying Wang, Weidong Gu, Buqing Ni, Haoliang Sun, Tong Yu, Wanjun Gu, Liang Chen and Yongfeng Shao
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 175-184
Original Research | Published on 31 Jul 2016

Notes on the Statistical Power of the Binary State Speciation and Extinction (BiSSE) Model
Alexander Gamisch
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 165-174
Original Research | Published on 26 Jul 2016

Investigating Evolutionary Dynamics of RHA1 Operons
Yong Chen, Dandan Geng, Kristina Ehrhardt and Shaoqiang Zhang
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 157-163
Original Research | Published on 28 Jun 2016

Freshwater Metaviromics and Bacteriophages: A Current Assessment of the State of the Art in Relation to Bioinformatic Challenges
Katherine Bruder, Kema Malki, Alexandria Cooper, Emily Sible, Jason W. Shapiro, Siobhan C. Watkins and Catherine Putonti
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:Suppl. 1 25-33
Review | Published on 20 Jun 2016

Twenty-Five New Viruses Associated with the Drosophilidae (Diptera)
Claire L. Webster, Ben Longdon, Samuel H. Lewis, and Darren J. Obbard
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:Suppl. 2 13-25
Original Research | Published on 20 Jun 2016

Partitional Classification: A Complement to Phylogeny
Marc Salomon and Bruno Dassy
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 149-156
Original Research | Published on 16 Jun 2016

Bioinformatic Characterization of Mosquito Viromes within the Eastern United States and Puerto Rico: Discovery of Novel Viruses
Kenneth G. Frey, Tara Biser, Theron Hamilton, Carlos J. Santos, Guillermo Pimentel, Vishwesh P. Mokashi and Kimberly A. Bishop-Lilly
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:Suppl. 2 1-12
Original Research | Published on 16 Jun 2016

The Simple Chordate Ciona intestinalis Has a Reduced Complement of Genes Associated with Fanconi Anemia
Edward C. Stanley, Paul A. Azzinaro, David A. Vierra, Niall G. Howlett and Steven Q. Irvine
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 133-148
Original Research | Published on 06 Jun 2016

Bipartite Graphs for Visualization Analysis of Microbiome Data
Karel Sedlar, Petra Videnska, Helena Skutkova, Ivan Rychlik and Ivo Provaznik
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:Suppl. 1 17-23
Technical Advance | Published on 31 May 2016

Correction to: “Forward-in-Time, Spatially Explicit Modeling Software to Simulate Genetic Lineages Under Selection”
Mathias Currat, Pascale Gerbault, Da Di, José M. Nunes and Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2015:Suppl. 2 69-69
Correction | Published on 29 May 2016

Coevolution of RAC Small GTPases and their Regulators GEF Proteins
Alejandro Jiménez-Sánchez
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 121-131
Original Research | Published on 17 May 2016

Metagenomics, Metatranscriptomics, and Metabolomics Approaches for Microbiome Analysis
Vanessa Aguiar-Pulido, Wenrui Huang, Victoria Suarez-Ulloa, Trevor Cickovski, Kalai Mathee and Giri Narasimhan
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:Suppl. 1 5-16
Review | Published on 12 May 2016

Phylogenetic and Structural Analysis of Polyketide Synthases in Aspergilli
Preetida J. Bhetariya, Madhvi Prajapati, Asani Bhaduri, Rahul Shubhra Mandal, Anupam Varma, Taruna Madan, Yogendra Singh and P. Usha Sarma
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 109-119
Original Research | Published on 10 May 2016

Diversity and Evolution of Disease Resistance Genes in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Ethan J. Andersen, Shaukat Ali, R. Neil Reese, Yang Yen, Surendra Neupane and Madhav P. Nepal
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 99-108
Original Research | Published on 04 May 2016

Estimating Divergence Times and Substitution Rates in Rhizobia
Rim Chriki-Adeeb and Ali Chriki
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 87-97
Original Research | Published on 03 May 2016

Human Dispersal Out of Africa: A Lasting Debate
Saioa López, Lucy van Dorp and Garrett Hellenthal
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2015:Suppl. 2 57-68
Review | Published on 21 Apr 2016

Introductory Editorial: Evolutionary Genomics
Yuval Itan, Gur Pines and Pascale Gerbault
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2015:Suppl. 2 53-55
Editorial | Published on 20 Apr 2016

Surprisingly Low Limits of Selection in Plant Domestication
Robin G. Allaby, James L. Kitchen and Dorian Q. Fuller
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2015:Suppl. 2 41-51
Original Research | Published on 05 Apr 2016

Genome Sequencing and Evolutionary Analysis of Marine Gut Fungus Aspergillus sp. Z5 from Ligia oceanica
Xue Li, Jin-Zhong Xu, Wen-Jie Wang, Yi-Wang Chen, Dao-Qiong Zheng, Ya-Nan Di, Ping Li, Pin-Mei Wang and Yu-Dong Li
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:Suppl. 1 1-4
Short Report | Published on 03 Apr 2016

Forward-in-Time, Spatially Explicit Modeling Software to Simulate Genetic Lineages Under Selection
Mathias Currat, Pascale Gerbault, Da Di, José M. Nunes and Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2015:Suppl. 2 27-39
Technical Advance | Published on 25 Feb 2016

Using UNIFORMAT and GENE[RATE] to Analyze Data with Ambiguities in Population Genetics
José Manuel Nunes
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2015:Suppl. 2 19-26
Methodology | Published on 21 Feb 2016

Phi Class of Glutathione S-transferase Gene Superfamily Widely Exists in Nonplant Taxonomic Groups
Jean-Pierre Munyampundu, You-Ping Xu and Xin-Zhong Cai
Evolutionary Bioinformatics 2016:12 59-71
Original Research | Published on 10 Feb 2016

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