Public Science Insights: Bladder cancer and the use of Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) Vaccine

Posted Tue, Mar, 28,2017

Bladder cancer is the fourth most common cancer in men and the eighth most common in women. Most of these cancers are superficial and confined to the bladder inner wall. The most usual complaints associated with this type of cancer are blood or blood clots in the urine (hematuria), pain during urination (dysuria), urinating small amounts frequently (frequency), and frequent urinary tract infection...

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Public Science Insights: 'Thank You for Giving Me a Voice!’ Evaluating the Patient-Centered Model in an Australian Medical School

Posted Wed, Mar, 22,2017

While patient involvement in medical education has long been the convention, in recent years patient involvement in student teaching has become more active. In medical education, active participation from patients has gained momentum despite being a fairly conventional practice. Medical education has always looked to patients to provide teaching. In the past, they may have been conscripted rather ...

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Libertas Academica Journals now published by SAGE Publishing

Posted Thu, Mar, 16,2017

We are delighted to announce that effective the 20th September 2016, SAGE Publishing acquired the full portfolio of journals owned and published by Libertas Academica. The acquisition results in all 83 titles transferring to SAGE.Online AccessYou will be able to continue to access all journal content via this site. All open access content will remain freely available to access via SAGE P...

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Public Science Insights: More Than a Migraine: Tumors in the Orbit

Posted Wed, Mar, 15,2017

Light sensitivity and headaches are typical complaints of those suffering from migraines. Often, these diagnoses are relatively untested given their commonplace occurrence. Congestion hardly warrants an x-ray, right? However, the same symptoms attributed to a common migraine may be indicative of something more severe.The orbit is the part of the head that houses the eyeball along with its muscles,...

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Public Science Insights: Tryptophan in Chronic Kidney Disease: Should I Consume More Tryptophan?

Posted Thu, Mar, 09,2017

What is the role of a person’s kidneys? Two healthy kidneys continuously filter blood to form urine composed of unwanted fluid, vitamins, minerals and wastes such as toxins, chemicals, drugs. In addition, kidneys take vital role in making hormones and in the metabolism of nutrients such as carbohydrate (glucose) and amino acids (protein). One of the amino acids is tryptophan (TRP) &ndas...

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Public Science Insights: Why take statins?

Posted Wed, Mar, 08,2017

Statins, currently the most widely prescribed drugs, are the drugs of choice for treating patients who have high cholesterol levels and are at high risk for developing cardiovascular disease. Statins have been shown to significantly lower cholesterol levels and thereby reduce both the risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality.   Statins work by inhibiting an enzyme called HMG-CoA redu...

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