Professional Integrity in Scholarly Publishing

Posted Thu, Jul, 17,2014

Libertas recognizes the importance of our role in the scholarly communication process.  This is manifested by how we address important ethical matters relating to matters such as authorship.  When he raised a concern with us Dr Selim Mustafa (East Carolina University) was satisfied with how the matter was addressed:“I am highly impressed with the professional integrity, efficiency,...

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Dr Greg Kearney (East Carolina University) on publishing in Environmental Health Insights

Posted Mon, Jul, 07,2014

We asked Dr Kearney about his experience publishing in Environmental Health Insights.  Here’s what he told us:“My experience in publishing with Environmental Health Insights was positive from the beginning of the initial manuscript submittal, to the published product. The peer reviewers provided helpful suggestions, while the editorial  and production staff kept me fully info...

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Start 2014 with Faster, More Efficient Publishing

Posted Tue, Feb, 04,2014

We here at Libertas are dedicated to ensuring that all authors have the most positive publishing experience possible. Our combination of prompt processing and professional author service guarantees that not only will your paper be published in a timely manner; it will also be published to the highest possible standard.Receive the benefits we offer when you publish with us:As part of our efficient ...

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Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry Joins COPE

Posted Tue, Dec, 18,2012

Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry has formally joined the Committee on Publishing Ethics.COPE provides guidelines that are applied in situations such as where plagiarism allegations are made against a paper.  By becoming a COPE member there can be no doubt amongst authors of questionable papers that journals will apply commonly accepted industry-standard guidelines.  In more difficult ...

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New Author Endorsement for Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports

Posted Thu, Nov, 15,2012

Dr Adebayo Oyedeji from Lekki Hospital in Nigeria writes about the experience publishing in Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports:"I found Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports very, very user friendly. The entire process is easy and straightforward. The corresponding author is kept updated on the progress at every point. I am pleased to send this endorsement."Read Dr Oyedeji's...

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No Article Size Restrictions in Submissions to Libertas Journals

Posted Wed, Oct, 03,2012

Libertas journals have no limits on word count, number of pages, or figure and table quantity. As many color figures may be included as are required. A key benefit of open access is that these limits are unnecessary, and by publishing your paper in a Libertas open access journal your paper will not be subject to these unnecessary limitations.We can also accommodate large data files, video and audi...

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