Public Science Insights: Clinical Decision Support for Immunization: How do we move the agenda forward?

Posted Mon, Nov, 07,2016

Clinical decision support for immunizations (CDSi) is defined as, "an automated process that determines the recommended immunizations needed for a patient and delivers these recommendations to the healthcare provider... (it provides) healthcare providers with immunization evaluation and forecasting tools designed to automatically determine the recommended immunizations needed when a patient p...

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Public Science Insights: Elderly Onset Celiac Disease

Posted Wed, Oct, 05,2016

Celiac disease is a condition due to an immunological reaction to gliadin, a protein contained in wheat and other common grains such as barley and rye. It is the most common food intolerance affecting about 1% of the general population. It has been traditionally recognized in children and young adults, even if, recently, detection in the elderly population has increased and about 25% of celiac pat...

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7 Tips for Creating an Effective Smoking Cessation Policy

Posted Tue, Apr, 01,2014

The majority of people by now are well aware that smoking is a harmful and sometimes fatal addiction. In New Zealand alone this product kills 13 New Zealanders a day and 5000 of us each year. So why do people still smoke?Tobacco contains nicotine, an addictive substance which can make it often very hard and frustrating to quit this habit. Intervention methods are essential for a successful cessati...

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