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Posted Thu, Oct, 24,2013

Here at Libertas we understand that in this day in age people are severely time poor and inundated with a huge amount of messages and information from many different sources. We are committed to using social media platforms systemically to deliver timely, relevant information to our audiences in an accessible way. Our chosen channels have been updated to best fit the needs of our readers and authors:

Twitter allows you to stay up to stay up to date with the latest medical and scientific articles with ease. Receive updates on newly published papers, call for papers, as well as journal and business developments straight to your news stream.

The Libertas Tumblr account now has over 95,000 followers. We have been granted editor status for the science category on Tumblr, in recognition of the quality and influence of our content.

Our RSS feeds have recently been updated to RSS1.0 to ensure subscribers can easily access information that interests them. The new syndicated format makes retrieving, transmitting and sharing data a breeze.

Our LinkedIn company profile now includes daily posts of author interviews, journal news, video abstracts, and a weekly article digest allowing you to catch up on any articles you may have missed.

Facebook allows you to stay up to date with all of our latest developments whether it be on you mobile, tablet, or desktop. Show your support for us by commenting on our posts or via message.

Google+ allows you to stay up to date with all the latest developments straight to your news feed. Receive new article notifications, call for papers, journal updates and business news wherever you may be.

We are open to suggestions and comments from all authors and readers. We look forward to all conversations with our audience.

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