International Journal of Insect Science: Special Collection on Oviposition Strategies in Beneficial Insects

Posted Thu, Jul, 20,2017

International Journal of Insect Science is now accepting papers for a Special Collection on Oviposition Strategies in Beneficial Insects.

Please submit by December 31, 2017 to be considered.

Enter promo code IJIS-3 on Step 2 of the submission process to flag your submission for this Special Collection.

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The aim of this Special Collection is to highlight the importance of reproduction (i.e., oviposition) in the life history, population dynamics, survival, and fitness of beneficial insects, broadly defined. We encourage scientists in academia, industry, and government, with an interest in this topic, to submit their best research.  

Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Identification of natural products to boost oviposition
  • Importance of chemical cues in oviposition site selection
  • Influence of host plant defenses on oviposition success
  • Reproductive physiology and the frequency of egg laying
  • Trade-offs between maternal size and egg size 
  • Foraging behavior, host selection, and oviposition in parasitoids
  • Oviposition decisions in the face of intraguild predators

Guest Editor Information: 

Eric Riddick
Email: Eric.Riddick@ARS.USDA.GOV

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