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Posted Wed, Nov, 01,2017

Biomedical Informatics Insights is now accepting papers for a Special Collection on Proceedings from the Digital Mental Health Conference, London, 2017.

Please submit your abstract for considerations by November 20, 2017 to be considered. Subsequent deadline information is listed below.

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In an era when many people seek mental health support in digital spaces, how do we know what solutions will have the biggest positive impact? Can we create 'digital social good' on a global scale that remains responsive to local and personal needs?

This summer an inaugural conference took place in London, England, called "Innovation & Strategies for Digital Interventions in Mental Health" tackling these and other challenging questions. The overall aim of the conference was to interleave topics across psychiatry, technology, and culture in order to better identify innovative ways of addressing mental health needs. It brought together care professionals, academics, technological innovators, professionals from various industries, service users, experts in policy and public opinion and more. It encouraged diversity of thought by fusing themes from diverse areas, such as natural language processing, spoken word poetry, quantitative photographic analysis, interpreting images through the lens of a film director, unearthing narratives through modern journalism and digital anthropology, and much more.

Delegates were challenged to debate the opportunities and pitfalls of technology-supported interventions and discussed how different digital tools, algorithms and resources might facilitate better care support.

This conference was also strongly focused on promoting digital equality by encouraging research with real world implications that directly benefits vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups. Furthermore, it examined the question on how can we capture knowledge about culture and use this to deepen interventions and care?

This Special Collection gathers an array of information on digital psychiatry, technology and culture from a diverse set of international speakers, workshop leaders and chairs. Submissions are invited to address the need for developing innovative ways for improving mental health treatment and support.

The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • opportunities and challenges of technology-supported mental health interventions
  • research that promotes digital equality aimed at directly benefiting vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups ‘social media for social good' etc.
  • how to integrate knowledge of culture into better care support
  • Artificial intelligence & society
  • Ethics, transparency and policies
  • Personal views, comments based on lived experiences, creative and artistic approaches (e.g., poems, personal narratives etc.)

Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your manuscript, please ensure you have carefully read the Author Guidelines and Submission Guidelines. The complete manuscript should be submitted through the Biomedical Informatics Insights Submission System.

Submission Deadlines

Abstract Submission Due: November 20, 2017 (abstracts are required, please email to:
Paper Submission Due: January 31, 2017
First Review Notification: February 28, 2018
Revision Due: March 15, 2018
Final Notification: March 31, 2018

Guest Editor:

Dr Becky Inkster, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge, UK

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