Peer Reviewers

Peer Reviewers

Submissions accepted for peer review are subject to independent peer review by a minimum of two expert peer reviewers.  Our objective is to provide an efficient, high-quality peer review service.

Who Makes Editorial Decisions?

Editorial decisions are made by the journal's editor in chief or associate editor on the basis of expert peer reviewers' reports.  If the journal's normal editorial decision-maker is unavailable or declares a conflict of interest, the deputy editor in chief (where appointed), or a member of the editorial board, or the editor in chief of a related journal will be asked to make the editorial decision. 

If the decision-maker chooses to accept the paper subject to changes recommended by the peer reviewers being made then the revised paper will be returned to the decision-maker and either accepted for publication or further changes will be requested.

Division Between Editorial and Business Matters

Most editorial decisions lead to an article processing fee payment by the author to the publisher.  Because of this conflict of interest a strict division is maintained between editorial decisions, which are only made by the journal's editor in chief or associate editor and business decisions that are made by the publisher. Editorial decisions are never made by the publisher.  Editorial decision-makers receive no incentives to make decisions resulting in a fee payment.

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