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We extend our thanks to individuals contributing peer reviews. In addition to this page all peer reviewers should ensure they are familiar with the guidance for peer reviewers and conflicts of interest pages. 

We strongly recommend that you write your review 'offline' then login and submit it to us.  For security reasons My Author Portal will automatically log you out after a period, so if you login then write your review in My Author Portal your review may not be received.

Please refer to Writing and Structuring Your Review for a comprehensive overview of what to look for in the manuscript.

Submit your review through our website using the login URL provided in our emails.  You do not need a My Author Portal login and password for this.

Once you have logged in, click on "Article pending review" and then "Review".

Shortly after your review is received an email will be sent confirming receipt.  If you're uncertain whether your review was received please verify by email with your SAGE contact as soon as possible. 

Please do not submit your peer review by email unless you have already attempted the procedure described here.

For reasons of confidentiality we cannot accept corrected or commented manuscripts from reviewers.

  • Efficient Processing: 4 Weeks Average to First Editorial Decision
  • Fair & Independent Expert Peer Review
  • High Visibility & Extensive Database Coverage
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