Journal of Central Nervous System Disease

Yi-Gan San Restores Behavioral Alterations and a Decrease of Brain Glutathione Level in a Mouse Model of Schizophrenia

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Journal of Central Nervous System Disease 2009:1 1-6

Published on 12 Feb 2009

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Manabu Makinodan1, Takahira Yamauchi1, Kouko Tatsumi2, Hiroaki Okuda2, Yoshinobu Noriyama1, Miyuki Sadamatsu1, Toshifumi Kishimoto1 and Akio Wanaka2

1Department of Psychiatry and 2Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience, Nara Medical University Faculty of Medicine.


The traditional Chinese herbal medicine yi-gan san has been used to cure neuropsychological disorders. Schizophrenia can be one of the target diseases of yi-gan san. We aimed at evaluating the possible use of yi-gan san in improving the schizophrenic symptoms of an animal model. Yi-gan san or distilled water was administered to mice born from pregnant mice injected with polyinosinic-polycytidilic acid or phosphate buffered saline. The former is a model of schizophrenia based on the epidemiological data that maternal infection leads to psychotic disorders including schizophrenia in the offspring. Prepulse inhibition and sensitivity to methamphetamine in open field tests were analyzed and the total glutathione content of whole brains was measured. Yi-gan san reversed the decrease in prepulse inhibition, hypersensitivity to methamphetamine and cognitive deficits found in the model mice to the level of control mice. Total glutathione content in whole brains was reduced in the model mice but was restored to normal levels by yi-gan san treatment. These results suggest that yi-gan san may have ameliorating effects on the pathological symptoms of schizophrenia.




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