Bioinformatics and Biology Insights Special Collection: Computational Modeling Biological Systems

Posted Mon, Sep, 25,2017

Bioinformatics and Biology Insights is now accepting papers for a Special Collection on Computational Modeling Biological Systems (e.g. Cell Biology Processes, Population Dynamics).

Please submit by December 31, 2017 to be considered.

Enter promo code BBI-15 on Step 2 of the submission process to flag your submission for this Special Collection.

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This Special Collection will gather systems biology studies that aim to address complex biological processes including cancer progression and tissue remodeling, primarily via mathematical modeling and bioinformatics approaches.

Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Mathematical modeling of cancer initiation and evolution, accounting for spatial heterogeneity of cancer cells
  • Computational modeling of cancer response to therapeutics, especially immunotherapy
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying cancer progression, favorably in a pan-cancer manner
  • Molecular and cellular processes during tissue regeneration, under physiological and/or disease conditions
  • Inference of genetic/epigenetic regulation in critical biological processes, based on high-throughput biomedical data
  • Hypothesis generation and biological discovery oriented studies based on large public databases

Guest Editor Information: 

Hua Tan

Posted in: Calls for Papers

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  • Fair & Independent Expert Peer Review
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