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Honey as a Complementary Medicine

Journal: Integrative Medicine Insights Authors: MG Miguel, MD Antunes, ML Faleiro
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Estimation of Platelet Counts and Other Hematological Parameters in Pseudothrombocytopenia Using Alternative Anticoagulant: Magnesium Sulfate

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Blood Disorders Authors: Chidambharam Choccalingam, Rajesh Kanna Nandagopal Radha, Nadella Snigdha
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Toward a Biology-Driven Treatment Strategy for Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Blood Disorders Authors: CAT Hildyard, S Shiekh, JAB Browning, GP Collins
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Analyzing Antidiabetes Drug Prescriptions With World Health Organization Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical/Defined Daily Dose Index to Assess Drug Utilization Pattern in Elderly Population of Rural Eastern India

Journal: Indian Journal of Clinical Medicine Authors: Sandeep Lahiry, Avijit Kundu, Ayan Mukherjee, Shouvik Choudhury, Rajasree Sinha
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Engaging Community Leaders in the Development of a Cardiovascular Health Behavior Survey Using Focus Group–Based Cognitive Interviewing

Journal: Health Services Insights Authors: Gwenyth R Wallen, Johnetta N Saygbe, Alyssa Todaro Brooks, Michael McClurkin et al
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Use and Misuse of Aspirin in Primary Cardiovascular Prevention

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Cardiology Authors: Sergio Coccheri
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The Role of the Growth Hormone/Insulin-Like Growth Factor System in Visceral Adiposity

Journal: Biochemistry Insights Authors: Moira S Lewitt
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Performance of Hidden Markov Models in Recovering the Standard Classification of Glycoside Hydrolases

Journal: Evolutionary Bioinformatics Authors: Mariana Fonseca Rossi, Beatriz Mello, Carlos G Schrago
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Public Science Insights: Did ancient bacterial mRNA genes have introns?Posted 18 Apr 2017

Ancient bacterial mRNA genes quite possibly had introns, according to recent findings by Dr. Wang and colleagues.All current bacterial mRNA...

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Public Science Insights: Bladder cancer and the use of Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) VaccinePosted 28 Mar 2017

Bladder cancer is the fourth most common cancer in men and the eighth most common in women. Most of these cancers are superficial and...

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Public Science Insights: 'Thank You for Giving Me a Voice!’ Evaluating the Patient-Centered Model in an Australian Medical SchoolPosted 22 Mar 2017

While patient involvement in medical education has long been the convention, in recent years patient involvement in student teaching has...

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