Cancer Informatics Special Collection: Epigenetic Network Analysis in Cancer Bioinformatics

Posted Wed, Nov, 01,2017

Cancer Informatics is now accepting papers for a Special Collection on Epigenetic Network Analysis in Cancer Bioinformatics.

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In the cancer field, molecular medicine has gradually evolved from the search for single biotypes (genes, proteins, mircroRNAs) as therapeutic targets to their contextualization within networks, thus targeting entire modules.

Epigenetic research is clearly destined to contribute further as its induced modifications affect DNA accessibility, chromatin interaction, transcriptional regulation and, consequently, disease states. Therefore, complex epigenetics networks represent a key next generation development.

Consideration goes to chromatin modifier proteins able to add or remove epigenetics marks (such as methyl and acetyl groups) from/to DNA or histones, to histone proteins and their variants with focus on either as cis-regulatory regions (enhancers or super-enhancers), nucleosomes or DNA-accessible sites.

Epigenetics drugs and epigenetic carcinogens are additional network layers to be merged with regulatory networks (including transcription factor proteins, co-factors, and target genes) while including miRNAs and chromatin interaction circuits (such as enhancer-promoter interactions).

Furthermore, with the advent of personalized and more recently precision medicine, epigenetic networks could play a role in the study of cancer etiology (and, therefore, treatment) with an impact at individual scale.

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Enrico Capobianco

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